Indie Author spotlight – Danielle Rose-West and “Hidden in Shadows”

Indie Author spotlight – Danielle Rose-West and “Hidden in Shadows”

I always enjoy featuring fellow indie authors, and I’ve got a great one for you today.  She’s Danielle Rose-West…



My name is Danielle Rose-West. I live in the United Kingdom with my family and my little dog, who is very much a part of the family. I have always been a dreamer and an incurable romantic with a vivid imagination. When I was a child, I was always reading. If anyone ever went looking for me, they usually found me curled up somewhere with a book! Most times when they spoke to me, I didn’t hear a word they said (my sister never believed me about this, but I honestly never heard her!). I was too wrapped up in the adventures I was reading.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be either an author or a librarian. I never made it as a librarian, but ended up in office work instead. It has taken a long time for me to finally realise my dream to write, but I’m finally here. I now write contemporary romance with a magical or suspenseful twist. I like things that have something a little out of the ordinary about them in both my reading and my writing preferences.

These days I spend most of my time plotting new books and characters as well as enjoying finding out where my characters are going to take me in the story. I don’t always know how everything will develop, sometimes they surprise me. Some of the things that happen in my books are unexpected surprises that suddenly hit me while I am writing or quite often when I am awake in the early morning hours. I love it when that happens. The whole book just comes together as if by magic!

When I’m not writing and plotting, I love to spend time with my husband and family. I love to read, of course, and to watch enjoyable films or TV. I also love walking. It’s great exercise and helps me clear my mind.

My biggest wish is to entertain my readers and to sweep them away in an incredible story of romance with a twist. I always aim to make my books page turners with characters my readers will always remember. If I achieve that, I’m happy!

You can find Danielle all over the Internets.  She’s got her own website, she’s on Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest, or you can email her directly.

Her book is “Hidden in Shadows”

Hidden in Shadows Cover4


When she buys an old Georgian house, Jenna Mansfield thinks it’s the answer to all her prayers. She can start afresh away from her over protective family and the tragedy that led her to a nervous breakdown several years before. Ignoring the house’s reputation for being haunted, Jenna moves to Cornwall with high hopes for her future. The sexy builder she hires to renovate her new home captures her interest, but when strange events start taking place around her and rumours reach her ears, she is left wondering if her builder is harbouring a secret.

Kyle Tanner is furious when the house he wanted to buy and renovate to further his small building firm, slips through his fingers for the second time. He doesn’t expect the new owner to be interested in taking him on for the work, but she surprises him in more ways than one. Deeply attracted to his new employer, Kyle fights hard against the unwanted feelings she stirs in him and then the trouble begins.

Kyle and Jenna find themselves swept up in the mystery that surrounds Millington House and its ghostly residents. The past won’t stay silent and someone with a deadly secret lurks in the shadows. As events unfold, Jenna finds herself the target of a crazed killer. Can they uncover the truth before time runs out or will the past be forever hidden in shadows?

You can buy it at Amazon.  You can also find her previous books on Amazon:

Wild Fire (the Fairy Tale Match series, book 1) 

Forever You (the Fairy Tale Match series, book 2)

And Danielle has generously provided us with an excerpt from “Hidden in Shadows” as well…

Stumbling along the coast road, she slumped down on a bench that overlooked the sea. Her gaze failed to register the waves as they tossed themselves onto shore. Kyle had wanted to buy her house, not once but twice. He’d lost out to the previous owners and then to her. She remembered Tiffany telling her how the Perkins had left terrified. Had Kyle been responsible for driving them away? Was he doing the same to her?

She thought of all the things that had happened, her lips thinning as her fury rose. It had to be. Kyle was trying to drive her away so he could buy the house when she put it back up for sale. Well, not in this lifetime! Shooting up from the bench, Jenna marched home. The pounding of her feet sounded like the beat of a drum preceding an army into battle.

She flew into the house, dropping her bag and the paint thinner to the floor before she stomped into the study. She barely registered the huge man working in the room with Kyle. Her whole attention riveted upon her tormentor.

“Why did you say nothing about having wanted to buy my house?” she demanded, her hands curled into fists.

Kyle spun around from the wall he’d been stripping. His shocked expression would have been comical in any other situation. Jenna didn’t find anything funny about it now.

“Who told you that?” he finally got out.

“Does it matter? It’s true isn’t it?” Jenna demanded, anger nearly choking her.

“Yes, it’s true. I didn’t tell you simply because it wasn’t important.” He clutched the scraper in his hand tighter, his knuckles turning white.

“Not important?” Her brow rose in question. He frowned at her deadly tone, his eyes full of confusion. “I would say it was more likely you didn’t want me to know so I wouldn’t guess what you were up to!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” He planted his hands on his hips, staring at her as if she’d lost her mind.

“Don’t deny it!” Her voice rose with increasing tempo. She waved her finger in his face, one hand firmly planted on her own hip. “Don’t you dare deny what you’ve been doing to me! I know your game. You did it to the Perkins too, didn’t you?” She stalked forward, practically shoving her face into Kyle’s increasingly confused and angry one.

“Look here, I haven’t the foggiest notion what you’re talking about!” He stabbed a finger towards her chest. “You need to sort out your facts before you go accusing people of things.”

“Really?” she snarled. She began ticking points off on her fingers. “Fact One, you wanted to buy this house, but was beat to it by the Perkins. Fact Two, they were driven from their home in terror, forcing them to sell. Fact Three, you wanted to buy this house again, but I beat you to it. Fact Four, odd things are happening here and I would bet money on it you’re behind them.” She glared at him triumphantly.

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