The “Buy the Books” page is, finally, current.  If you check it out, you’ll see that the books are available in many, many places.

Obviously, you can buy them all at Amazon.  All six novels, as well as “Betty & Howard’s Excellent Adventure” are available both on Kindle and in paperback.  The first three books are available there on audiobook as well.  And “A Box of Dreams” with all five books in one “Kindle Box Set” is available on Kindle only.

You could also go to Barnes & Noble.  The audiobooks are not on sale there, but otherwise it’s the same as Amazon – Nook or Paperback for everything, except “A Box of Dreams” is Nook-only.

If you’re an Apple shopper, the books are all there for the iBookstore, and the audibooks are there as well.

The books are all available electronically at Smashwords, and if you buy them there, you can download them in the ebook format of your choice (Kindle format, PDF, epub, you name it!)

They’re also available at the Kobo, Diesel and Sony eReader bookstores.  And, they’re all at, too.

The audiobooks are directly available at Audible, as well.

Whew!  I think that pretty much covers everything…

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