Hot for Friday: Waking Dream edition

Hot for Friday: Waking Dream edition

Welcome to this week’s stop on the Hot for Friday blog hop.  The theme this week is “hot morning after,” and I’ve got an excerpt from book five of the Dream Series, WAKING DREAM.

I open my eyes – what am I doing inside?  I was out, down the street, chasing after…

I was dreaming.  She was there again.  She was in my house, my dream.  I was – we were – “Damn her!”

My outburst stirs Brian awake.  As his eyes open, he’s got the same smile that was the last thing I saw before I fell asleep.  But when he gets a good look at me and registers what I said, it droops into a frown.

“Damn who?”

I shake my head.  “We had such a nice night!”  Nice doesn’t begin to do it justice.  “I wanted to just bask in it!  Why can’t I bask?”  I hear the whining in my voice; I know exactly how childish I sound, and right this minute I don’t care.

“You had a dream,” Brian says, and I see recognition dawn.  “She came into your dream again?”

“I felt her.  She must have realized I knew she was there, and she left.  I tried to follow her.”  I climb out of bed and head out to the hallway.  “Up there,” I point to the window.  I’d say it’s seven, maybe eight feet up.  “She came in from there.  It was open.”  It’s all there in my mind.  “I jumped up to get a handhold, and I hauled myself up there.  I went through the window.”

It’s available on Amazon, and also as an Audible Audiobook!



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