Hot for Friday – Dream Child edition

Hot for Friday – Dream Child edition

Welcome to my stop on the weekly Hot for Friday blog hop!  This week’s theme is a Hot Kiss, and I’ve got one from book three of the Dream Series, DREAM CHILD.

I don’t know if he notices or not; he’s looking into my eyes, the way only he does, and I throw my arms around him.  “Did I mention how much I missed you?” he asks, before he kisses me.

My legs are barely holding me up; I’m hanging onto him for support.  “I think you might have,” I answer.  I feel so warm, and my whole body is tingling.  He sees the champagne, and I let him lead me over to it.  “Yeah, I need your help with that.”  He doesn’t need to be told twice; he takes the bottle, and a moment later the cork pops, shooting off into the corner somewhere.  The glasses are – naturally – on the table next to the bed, and he fills both of them up.

“Here’s to the man I love,” I say, toasting him.  Our glasses clink.

“And the woman I love,” he says, taking a sip.  “Now I see why you didn’t have any wine.  You do know how to surprise me.”

Liar!  “Was it really a surprise?”

He tries to say “yes” with a straight face but he can’t manage it.  “I thought you might be up to something.”



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