Hot for Friday Blog Hop (Dream Reunion Edition)

Hot for Friday Blog Hop (Dream Reunion Edition)

The theme for this week’s Hot for Friday blog hop is “hot and bothered” and here’s a short scene from book six of the Dream Series, DREAM REUNION.  Sara and Brian have returned to college for her ten-year class reunion, and they’ve brought their two eldest daughters along.  In this scene, They’re standing right outside Sara’s old dorm room…

…I’m squeezing Brian’s hand so tightly, but I can’t ease up on him at all.  I – I feel it all through my body, and my heart is speeding up and I’m getting short of breath.  I want – oh, God!  What I want to do is knock on every door down the hall until I see a halfway responsible-looking girl and pawn Grace and Lizzie off on her for an hour or two.  Then I want to pick the lock on room 208, go inside and make love to Brian right now, right on – I have to make an effort to focus my eyes on the door to read the names of the students who live here now – Aileen or Michelle’s bed.

Brian looks at me – into me – and I know he’s thinking the same thing.  I know something else, too.  If I weren’t still recovering from my c-section, I might – we might – do all that.  But I am, and we can’t.

I have to get control of myself.  I really don’t want to have Grace smirking at me the whole weekend.  That thought helps, and I can feel my heart beginning to slow down a little.

“So this is where I lived,” I say, in something close to an even tone.



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