Hot for Friday Blog Hop – Dream Child Edition

Hot for Friday Blog Hop – Dream Child Edition

Welcome to my stop this morning on the Hot for Friday blog hop.  This week’s theme is “Hot and Swoon-worthy” and I’ve got a short moment from book three of the series, DREAM CHILD, that qualifies.  Sara and Brian are at the hospital Christmas party…

That’s nice and slow, just my speed.  “Can you sit here with Lizzie for a few minutes?” I ask Laurie.  I don’t wait for her answer before I head over to my husband.  “May I cut in?” I say to Lizzie, and, after a nod from Brian, she steps back from him, curtseys, and trots over to Laurie.

Then Brian takes me in his arms, and all conscious thought stops.  I hear the music, and I feel myself swaying slowly back and forth, but mostly all I’m aware of is his strong hands holding me close to him, and his beautiful eyes gazing into mine and – that’s it.  This is perfect.  He’s perfect.

I know it’s only five minutes, but it feels like hours.  When the music stops, I barely notice at first; we’re still dancing.  Brian is still holding me, everything is still right with the world.  And then, slowly, something begins to seep into my awareness.  It’s a voice, a familiar voice, loud, as though it’s – he’s – talking into a microphone.  It’s a good two minutes before my brain starts back up and I realize what – who – I’m hearing.



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