Happy Birthday, Sara!

Happy Birthday, Sara!

This should have been posted yesterday, so it’s a belated birthday, because October 12th is Sara Alderson (nee Barnes)’s birthday.  It may seem odd to celebrate a fictional character’s birthday, but it’s not unknown.

So: Sara was born October 12, 1968 in Philadelphia.  I’m not sure what age to call her, though – in the “present” of the Dream Series books (as of chapter 8 of “Dream Reunion”) the date is October, 2001, which makes Sara 33 years old.  But if I count from today, she’s 45.

33-year-old Sara is getting ready to head to her ten-year college reunion.  I’m not exactly sure what 45-year-old Sara is up to, but I have a general idea.  We’re not going to get there for at least three more books, though, so I don’t want to say much.

But since my readers can do math, I can say a couple of things about what might be on Sara’s mind when she gets to October of 2013.  Her oldest daughter, Grace, will probably have been out of college for a year, and about to turn 24.  Lizzie will be in her senior year of college and she’ll be turning 21 soon.  And the twins will be in their senior year of high school and applying to colleges – that’s a lot for any parent to be thinking about.  And she’ll also be about the same age her parents were when they became grandparents…


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