Guest Post – Indie Author Jennifer Howard

Guest Post – Indie Author Jennifer Howard

I’m going to briefly turn the blog over to another indie author who you ought to take a look at – Jennifer Howard.



You can find her on Goodreads or at her own website.  Her novel, the Healing Heart



…is available at Amazon, and here’s what it’s about:

After losing the love of her life, Jamie Hansen finally picks up the pieces and moves on, determined to never let go of her past. Or so she thinks. One glance from Conley Michaels, and suddenly her whole existence is turned inside out. Does Jamie have a second chance at love? Only if she allows Conley the space to fill her healing heart…

But enough talking from me, here’s what Jennifer’s got to say…

It has been said by @AKMamma that, “Writing a book is like sliding down a rainbow! Marketing it is like trudging through a field of chewed bubblegum on a hot, sticky day.”  When I saw this quote on Twitter, I belly laughed. I was knee-deep in the middle of one of ‘those days’… you know the ones. The days when you get little else accomplished other than ‘selling yourself’ to the highest bidder. Now, was I truly out there ‘selling myself’? No, silly, that’s illegal in most states! However, as an indie author, that’s exactly how you feel!

The art of effective marketing is diaphanously shrouded in mystery. It sits, Zen-like, somewhere high in a mountaintop temple, patiently watching over many lowland grovelers, such as myself. It smiles, shakes its head sometimes, and continues to wait on folk, such as me, to scale the heights, attempting to claim the prize that it offers. Some days, I make headway up said mountain, very Indiana Jones-like. Other days, not so much. But every day, I try.

I promote myself on more numerous social platforms than Grand Central Station’s. I make connections. I reach out to countless reviewers. I promote others, hoping that ‘instant karma’s gonna get [me]’, and, in fact, propel me forward. I beg, I borrow, I contemplate stealing–but then I don’t. Again, it’s against the law. (Sheesh, what ARE you trying to turn me into??) Most importantly, I attempt to be creative and think ‘outside of the box’. And some days, like this week, I am utterly blessed and rewarded. Being named Goodreads Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia, and Romance Writers and Reviewers featured author of the week has placed, at my disposal, a veritable army of indie warriors aiding in my promotional cause. J.J. DiBenedetto is one of these warriors. He looks awesome in armor, by the way.

Will I ever reach the pinnacle of the mountain and gain marketing guru status? Probably not. But every endeavor I make takes me a step closer to achieving my true goal. What goal is that, you ask? Simple… the placing of my work into the hands of others. Would I like to make a gazillion dollars and retire to the south of France, upon which I would sip a fine red wine with my pinky held high in the air and speak in a snooty accent? Umm, hello…of course.  But even the thought of that doesn’t bring me true joy. True joy, for me, comes in the actualizing of a long held dream, and the thrill of having my very own creations touch the lives of others out there.   So, if I never reach that mountaintop shrine, my smile will still be both bright and wide.

Jennifer Howard is a dreamer, a thinker, an indie, and very much, a newbie! Her debut contemporary romantic fiction work is entitled The Healing Heart. Coming soon, look for her second novel, entitled Ten Steps.

Thanks to Jennifer for visiting – please take a few minutes and give her book, and her website a look – it’s well worth your time!

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