Mar 05

Get Hooked – Dream Student!

Since I’ve got a brand new cover to show off, it seems like a great time to re-introduce new readers to the first book of the Dream Series, “Dream Student”…


So here are just a few sentences from the book to whet your appetite…

I don’t want to fall asleep because of the dreams I’ve been having.  “Nightmares” is a better word.  I don’t think even that really gets the point across, though.  Is there a word for dreams that are worse than nightmares?  There should be.

It’s been the same the last four nights, exactly the same.  The people in it are the same, the places are the same, everything happens exactly the same way, in the same order, and the worst part is that it all feels so real.  There isn’t any of that weird imagery that people always talk about–talking rabbits or losing your teeth while flying naked behind trains through long dark tunnels or whatever else.  Everything that happens in this nightmare could come right out of the news.  It could all really happen.

Oh, God.  That’s a horrible thought.  What if–maybe it is really happening?

You can buy it – RIGHT NOW! – at Amazon.

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  1. Sarah Cass

    Ugh, there should be a word for dreams worse than nightmares. How horrifying. Great hook.

  2. Donna June Cooper

    I LOVE dream books. Especially books about precogs or premonitions. This one looks really interesting. I’m hooked.

    1. James DiBenedetto

      I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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