First Reviews

First Reviews

And they’re really positive!

Here’s what people who are not related to me and don’t otherwise know me, have to say about “Dream Student”

This book is one of the best plotted books I have ever read.


If you are interested in a compelling and exciting read with heart, that you won’t be able to put down, then this book is for you.


You will not go wrong with reading this series and it is so worth your time and money.

And some good words about “Dream Doctor” as well:

This book has the right amount of Mystery, Romance, Comedy and leaves you anxious to read the next book.

And there’s even praise for “Dream Child”:

If I had to describe this 3rd book and series in 1 word only, it would be FREAKING SPECTACULAR!

And last but not least, “Dream Family”:

You don’t want to miss this book!

 …who am I to argue with all that?

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