Fever Dream sneak peek

Fever Dream sneak peek

With release day rapidly approaching (only 17 days away now!), here’s another brief excerpt from the upcoming Dream Series book, Fever Dream:

FeverDreamV2I’m just finished with her for the moment when I’m called to the exam room.  Shelly Gianetti is in there, with a boy I recognize.  “Erik?”  Sitting up on the exam table is Erik Nelson, a tall, handsome boy in Grace’s year.  With only twenty or so kids in her year, I know all of them pretty well.  I don’t need to ask what the problem is; he’s holding a bloodstained towel to his nose.  “Accident in gym class?”

He doesn’t answer, but Shelly takes a deep breath and explains the situation to me.  “Accident with your daughter.”

Now Erik chines in, “She bwoke my nobe!”

“Grace?  What happened?  How is she?”  What kind of accident?  They’re in the spring play together – Grace is Juliet, and Erik here is her Romeo.  I guess something must have happened in rehearsal?

“She’s fine.  She just punched out Erik, that’s all.  Mr. Larkin,” the vice-principal of the high school, “told me everything.  They were rehearsing, you know, the ending, when they both die?”

“She bwoke my nobe!  My nobe!”

You can pre-order it on Amazon right now!

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