Dreaming of Star Wars (part 2)

Dreaming of Star Wars (part 2)

Following up on yesterday’s post, there’s another mention of Star Wars (well, specifically The Empire Strikes Back) in book three of the Dream Series, DREAM CHILD.

“I guess – um – I know!  Billy got cut on his arm.  If it was the arm, I could cut it off!  Then the bad germs couldn’t go all inside him and he wouldn’t get sick.”

The reaction of the assembled doctors is priceless: some laughter and plenty of shock.  Dr. Barnett asks, very gently, “That seems like kind of a serious thing to do.  He’d have to live with only one arm.”

Lizzie has an immediate answer.  “No he wouldn’t!  I could put a new arm on.  I saw it on TV.”  She pauses to recall exactly what she saw.  I can’t even guess.  “My Daddy was watching.  This guy was fighting a big scary guy in a black mask, and the scary guy cut his arm off.  Then he fell down a hole, and it was really scary.  But his friends found him and got him.  Then later they got him a new arm, and it was just like a regular arm, ‘cept it opened up and it was all metal and stuff inside.  But it worked just like the old one, and he was happy.”  She just gave a pretty decent description of the end of “The Empire Strikes Back.”  I’m going to have to have a word with Brian about what he watches on TV while Lizzie’s still awake.  Although I can’t help but smile at the thought that what most fascinated Lizzie about it wasn’t the lightsabers or space battles, but the medical treatment that Luke Skywalker got at the end.  There’s no doubt she’s her mother’s daughter!




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