Dreaming of Star Wars (part 1)

Dreaming of Star Wars (part 1)

There’s a little movie that came out on Friday that you may have heard about.  And since I never miss a chance to promote my books, I think it’s worth pointing out a couple of places where Star Wars comes up in the Dream Series books.

The books are set in “our” workd, so Sara and her family are aware of the same movies that we are.  Including, obcviously, Star Wars.  Here’s an excerpt from book six of the series, DREAM REUNION

Brian hands my phone back to me.  “Your father,” he says, “is letting them watch ‘Star Wars’ tonight.”

I sigh.  They’re too young, but it’s not as though Dad’s going to listen to reason.  But then I realize that’s not why Brian isn’t happy about it.  “You’re jealous!”  He isn’t looking me in the eye, and I know I’m right.  “You’re not worried that they’re too young, you just wanted to be the one to introduce them to it.”

We walk in silence for a block before he mutters, “Maybe you’re right.”  That’s probably the closest I’m going to get to an admission, but it’s good enough for me.

“He’s not going to show them all the movies.  You’ll still have your chance to show them ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ when we get home.”  That perks him up, and there’s a little spring in his step as we go by the Botanical Gardens.

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