Cover Reveal – “Wide Awake” by W.J. Carlson

Cover Reveal – “Wide Awake” by W.J. Carlson

I’m happy to host the cover reveal for W.J. Carlson’s new book, “Wide Awake”.


Who’s W.J. Carlson?

Growing up in a small Midwestern town in WI, it is next to nothing to dream about other places along with who to marry, how many kids to have, and what to be when grown up.
So many hopes and dreams have my imagination running wild. My greatest dream came true when I became a wife, a mother of three, and grandmother of two, with hopes of more grandchildren in the future.
I am a sucker for a good love story. Love to read and listen to others tell about their love stories.

This new book is #3 in a series.  You can find the first two books, DREAM AWAKE and DREAM ESCAPE, on Amazon.  And you can follow her on Facebook and Goodreads as well.


What’s it about?


Katie realizes now what she wants more in life; something money can’t buy, and that is family, love, and happiness. With every ounce of her wellbeing, she will do whatever it takes to keep Ben and his values true, no longer pressuring him to give into her desires, even though things in life throw a curve ball. It’s easier said than done when living with the temptation.

But what happens when the tables turn and he gives in to her, and she is the one denying him now? Will she give in and succumb to his sinful desires, or will she hold her ground and refuse him?

That’s what dreams are made of. What your heart desires, and how you are willing to fight to make those dreams come true. Just believe in the power of your dreams and dare to dream them.


Want to read an excerpt?

We are both being blind folded and our hands are being tied behind my back. Oh, this cannot be good. Next thing I know, I am being felt up with hands on my legs and arms. The music keeps playing, and I am getting all hot and bothered and antsy as I feel myself shift in my seat. Then I feel light kisses all over my face and neck.

I have no idea what is going on, yet it feels so good. I am wiggling in my chair, only thinking of Ben. I have to keep thinking that this male who is trying to seduce me is just giving others a show. But that thought goes out the window when I feel lips on mine. Just butterfly type kisses at first. I pull back, not expecting him to kiss me on the lips. What male dancer does that? They aren’t supposed to do that, are they? His scent is different. But then the lips are on me again, and I’m not sure what to do. They are soft and familiar. I kiss back and literally give in, letting out a moan. I know this is Ben. I know his kisses anywhere.

He is straddling me, and gyrates a couple of times and I feel his erection as he reaches behind me to untie my hands. I bring them up to his body, feeling him through his clothes. Then he undoes my blindfold as I open my eyes to see his smiling face.

How in the world did I get so lucky with this guy? I grab him, kissing as we start making out. Then the DJ announces, “Enough you two; get a room.”

We laugh. Ben grabs my hand and pulls me to the back room, shuts the door, and shoves me against the door, kissing me frantically. Panting heavily.

“I want you right here and now, baby, before I spontaneously combust,” he whispers in my ear.

What about the cover?

It’s right here!



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