Cover Reveal – “Deuce” by Caissy Boudreau

Cover Reveal – “Deuce” by Caissy Boudreau



By: Caissy Boudreau

Cover Reveal July 28th

Release Day Blitz August 28th


lives in a small southern town right on the swamp. He has a secret, he can
shift into a beast unlike any other. Deuce and his four brothers keep the
swamps safe. Patrolling each night, making sure criminals do not dump bodies
into the swamps. Then one night he comes across a white wolf. Is she the wolf
of legend? He follows her home only to find out that she is his future.
loves her job, working with special needs kids. But at night she is something
entirely different. She is a legend, one so old, that it instills fear into
devout Catholics. One night she comes across four beasts that are legend
themselves. Is the one they call Deuce, her future, or will he break her heart
into pieces.
two legends comes together, the possibilities are endless. One night Adele is
kidnapped by a local cult, hell bent on destroying everything that is different
in the world. Deuce must come together with his family to save the woman he has
come to love.
these two legends accept the fate laid out before them? or will they fall prey
to the evil of the world?
About the

Caissy was born and
raised in South Louisiana.  She now lives
in Pennsylvania with her husband and 2 kids.
She has 2 dogs and 5 cats.  She is
an avid reader and she is a lover of all things paranormal.  Her favorite is vampires.  Since she was a teenager she has been
obsessed with vampires.  She enjoys
spending time with her family and friends.
She enjoys watching hockey and football.
Her children are both diagnosed with Autism.  They are now 14 and 13.  She has been married to the love of her life
for 15 years.

Her debut novel Skylar’s Dream is
based on her dad.  She lost her dad 15
years ago to suicide.  She has dedicated
this book in memory of him.  He was a
strong influence in her life.  Her
grandmother’s continue to guide her and give her encouragement everyday.
She has always wanted to write since
she first read “The Vampire Lestat” by Anne Rice.  She has never had the courage until
recently.  Her husband encouraged and
guided her to accomplish her dreams.
Her children are true inspirations to her.  She does not take anything for granted.  Everyday is a blessing.
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