Cover Reveal – “Belakane” by Angela Carling & Anna Taylor

Cover Reveal – “Belakane” by Angela Carling & Anna Taylor

For those of you who already love The Secret Keeper series, I’m excited to announce that Belakane, The Origin of The Curse is almost here! Today, the cover reveal and just in time for Halloween, Belakane will be available for purchase October 7th!

To celebrate the cover reveal, Book 1, The Secret Keeper will be completely free from September 24-26th so go grab your copy here:    Nook Books/Barnes and Noble 


If you haven’t discovered the O-So-Suspenseful-Uniquely-Paranormal Secret Keeper series yet you can read more about Winter and Liam and how Winter’s deal with the Secret Keeper alters her life forever!

Here is what readers have said about the series so far:I went
through the whole gamut of human emotions from guilt to happiness to horror to
sorrow through the heroine”
The travelogue of a  Book Addict

Couldn’t put this book down. The characters have grown and you can’t help but grow with them. The excitement and detail that is put into this story is fantastic! The way it is written has you believing that the story is real. I can’t wait for the next book.”
-Kim Snyder

To check out more reviews or purchase any of the books in the Secret Keeper series click Here

Now onto the cover reveal…and we’ll throw the blurb in just for fun! Enjoy–and may you never need a secret keeper!

 The Blurb


Belakane lives during the terrifying age of the Salem
Witch trials. And, unlike the women around her, she actually is a witch.
When Belakane’s magic gets her best friend Martha accused of witchcraft, the
powerful sorceress creates a risky enchantment to protect what’s left of the
small group of friends who hide her secret.
Will Belakane’s power save her friends or will it be
the demise of all she holds dear?
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