Clean Indie Reads Fall Sale

Clean Indie Reads Fall Sale


I’m thrilled to be taking part in the Clean indie Reads Fall sale event.  Several great authors (including yours truly) are participating.  I’ve put two of the Dream Series books on sale – Dream Child and Waking Dream.  They’re both just $0.99 until Sunday night!

Since it’s the “Fall sale,” we’re all discussing the question: do the changing seasons influence your writing, or reading habits?

For me, they affect both.  Partly, I’m just happier in the fall and especially the winter.  I’ve got more energy and a better outlook on life, and that helps my writing.  I’ve always enjoyed the winter best; I love the cold and the snow and Thanksgiving and especially the Christmas season (if I had my way, the Christmas tree would go up on November 1st and stay up until the end of January).

So, it makes me a more productive writer.  And of the seven Dream Series novels out now, four of them take place in the middle of winter, right around Christmas/New Year’s Day.

As for reading, the one real influence of the seasons is that I have two books I reread every year once fall begins turning to winter: Terry Pratchett’s “Hogfather” and Mark Helprin’s “Winter’s Tale” (if you’ve only seen the dreadful film version that came out earlier this year, PLEASE don’t judge the book by it!)

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about how the seasons affect what you read and/or write.

And also please take a look at my books – both the ones on sale, and the rest of the Dream Series books – I think you’ll really enjoy them!


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12 Replies to “Clean Indie Reads Fall Sale”

  1. I agree cooler weather is stimulating. I’m more likely to curl up under a blanket with a book or my kindle. However, my writing process doesn’t change when the temperature drops. Writing is something that I have to sit down and do regardless of the temperature.

  2. I’m fortunate to live in Western North Carolina, so we get the four seasons. It’s nice to know someone else loves fall and winter the same way I do. I too have more energy and have more inspiration to write. Reading for me doesn’t need any help. My mother turned me into a voracious reader as a child. Looking forward to reading your work.

    1. I LOVE winter! I’m happy when the sun goes down at 4 PM and the temperature never goes above 30 and there’s snow and ice on the ground!

  3. I like the fall and winter, also. I love the warm fall days and cool nights, and then getting cozy in the winter with a good book!! Thanks for joining the blog hop, James!

  4. Every year I resolve to start the Discworld series from the beginning and read through it. Still haven’t done it, but you’re mention of Hogfather will get me to read that one at least. Thanks and good luck with the sale!

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