Chapter One…

Chapter One…

Or, even better, how about ALL the chapters of the next Dream Series book?  Or, at least, the chapter titles.  I’ve got them figured out for the whole book.  As usual with these books, I’m using movie and TV titles for the chapter titles.  In some cases, the plot of the movie or show actually matches what’s going on in the chapter.  Sometimes it’s just the title of the movie, even though the actual plot couldn’t be farther from what’s going on in the book.  I’ll leave it to you to imagine which is which…

Prologue: Halloween

Chapter 1: A Very Long Engagement

Chapter 2: Flying Blind

Chapter 3: Sunday in New York

Chapter 4: Ellen

Chapter 5: The Ring

Chapter 6: Will and Grace

Chapter 7: Boeing Boeing

Chapter 8: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Chapter 9: Mona Lisa Smile

Chapter 10: Midnight in Paris

Chapter 11: Missing

Chapter 12: Houseboat

Chapter 13: Grace Under Fire

Chapter 14: The Talk

Chapter 15: The Last Time I Saw Paris

Chapter 16: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Epilogue: Executive Suite


And there you go!

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