Book Tour – “Love’s Gift” by Christy Lauri

Book Tour – “Love’s Gift” by Christy Lauri

Title: Love’s Gift
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Cover Design:  Kari Ayasha with Cover to Cover Designs 
Model :  Derienne Briggs   
Photog:  Mandy Hollis with MHPhotography   Follow Molly’s work on Facebook



Laney St.
James never would have imagined the secret her adoptive mother shared on her
death bed would alter her life in the way it has.  After quitting her job, Laney packed her bags
and left for Love’s Corner, Nebraska in search of the family she never knew she
father, Jonas Wyatt, is the minister in the small town of Love’s Corner.  He sees the miracle of God’s work daily, but
after the death of his wife five years ago and watching life’s trials and
tribulations the people in his congregation suffer through daily, he is
starting to doubt his calling.
When Laney
and Jonas meet, they feel an instant connection.  Will Laney make a fresh start in Love’s
Corner, leaving behind all that she knew before?  Will Jonas be able to open his heart to someone
new?  Will they accept the gift of love
bestowed upon them, or let it slip away?


Lawri grew up on a small farm in Iowa where she spent most of her time either
reading or on horseback.  She has been
writing stories since she was a child, and is now living her dream as an
Christy has
a loving, supportive husband and three beautiful children.  She loves reading, writing and spending time
with her family.
Her Love’s
Corner Series was inspired by the Prayer Shawl Ministries Christy’s mother is
deeply involved in at their church.
Christy is a firm believer in the ministries and hopes others read her
stories and not only spread the word, but also begin the ministries in their
own church.      

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