Book Tour – “Forever the Horizon” by Colorado Marshal

Book Tour – “Forever the Horizon” by Colorado Marshal

I’ve got a great indie author for you this morning.  Say hello to Colorado Marshal!


Colorado Marshal was born and raised in rural California. An avid storyteller, she has been writing for most of her life. A wide variety of interests and hobbies gives her plenty to put on the page, and themes ranging from aviation to equestrian vaulting are all likely to crop up in her books at some point or another. In addition to writing, she is in the process of starting her own publishing company, Tomcat Alley Press, with the intent of helping other writers achieve their literary dreams. She divides her time between beautiful San Luis Obispo County, California and the equally-beautiful Margaret River Region of Western Australia.

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And here’s her new book!


When Gregg Nicholas finally receives the one, solid clue he needs to connect the dots, he sets out on a mission he’s waited two decades to achieve: to find the lost treasure of Robin Hood and prove the legend is true. There’s only one catch. The map he needs is a complicated puzzle he must assemble in order to use… after stealing it piece by piece. In desperation he contacts Ian Lowell, an old friend, described by Gregg as “a mischievous rascal of an individual with Rick Simon’s eye for women and Indiana Jones’ penchant for trouble.” He couldn’t be more right; trouble is exactly what finds them. And what started out as a fairly simple frolic through the suburbs soon morphs into an out-and-out race for the prize. Loyalties are divided. The cops are hot on their tail. The situation becomes even more problematic with the entrance of British socialite Amantha Goldstein, who immediately catches Ian’s eye for blonde beauties. The stage is set for adventure, and Gregg has his hands full with not only the hunt, but the exploits of his misfit troupe as they try to outwit each other, dodge the cops, and solve a complex riddle to find the answers lingering just beyond the ever-elusive strip of light called the horizon.

You can buy it on Amazon on Kindle or in paperback.

And here’s an excerpt!

The only option is consorting with the enemy. What is your next move?


“That was close,” Jared said, wiping a hand over his forehead. “Sorry, man, I thought I killed the program.”

“It’s all right, Jared,” Gregg said. “But Miss Goldstein is right: we can’t stay here. It won’t take them long to find us. What I want to know is who set that alarm off.”

“Well, they were about to shut down for the night. Maybe somebody walked past the wrong sensor.”

“The alarm wouldn’t have been armed yet, as there was still staff inside,” Amantha said. “Someone set it off intentionally. The only place to do that is in the back of the building, near where I ran into that guy –”

“What guy?” Gregg asked sharply. Even as he said it, the situation became clear. Gregg looked at Jared, found him looking back, and slumped hopelessly back against the wall.

Ian. Ian was the guy. Gregg should have known he couldn’t lose him for long.

“An uncouth beast,” Marilla said indignantly. “Had his arms all the way around Amantha, he did. The poor girl was pressed against him like a grape.”

“Yeah that sounds about right,” Gregg muttered to himself as Amantha tried, rather unsuccessfully, to hide the blush coloring her fair cheeks. Even in the darkness her discomfiture was tangible.

Bloody Ian. He had set up this whole thing, waiting until Gregg was well and truly committed before setting off the alarm in the building and making things too hot to handle. Somehow, some way, he had known about the museum despite Gregg not saying anything, used the information to his advantage, and engineered a very slick job. He had set up the trap, sat back, and was probably somewhere nearby, just waiting for Gregg to call him for help. And by doing that, Ian would get his hands on what he really wanted: Marian’s Necklace, and the riddle.

Add Amantha Goldstein into the mix, and Ian would think all his Christmases had come at once.

How had he known? How had he figured it out? Gregg sighed. Maybe, at the end of the day, Ian was just that damn good.

“What are you going to do?” Jared’s question was quiet.

“You know what I’m going to do.”

“Look… I know I suggested it, but I was sort of kidding. Are you sure that’s a good idea?”


What Ian would do with them was uncertain. For all Gregg knew, calling him might be worse than taking their chances on foot. The problem was he didn’t have a choice. Two men had just come into view through the gloom and found Jared’s trail across the way, five more were fanning out along the street on either side. Flashlight beams were everywhere. Slowly, the entourage began to tighten their circle, heading right for the small alcove where Gregg and the others waited like so many ducks in thunder. One of them was pointing at the building across the street; it wouldn’t be long before they closed in. And Gregg knew there was only one thing to do. He only prayed Ian wouldn’t shoot him on sight.

“Who are you ringing?” Amantha asked as Gregg whipped out his phone.

“The bloody guy that got us into this bloody mess in the bloody first place,” Gregg groused, and hit call.

“Who’s that?”

“Ian Lowell.”

Amantha glanced over.

“And who is he?”


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