Book Tour – “Find Beauty in Darkness” by Giselle McNab

Book Tour – “Find Beauty in Darkness” by Giselle McNab

Find Beauty Within Darkness:

Stopping the Pattern

by Giselle McNab

Genre: Inspirational Autobiography

At age fourteen, Giselle McNab was on her own. Grieving the loss of her childhood, Giselle wrestled with the events of the past and the bleak promise of her future. Where is there to go when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom? In this intense and emotional retelling of events in her life, McNab weaves and incredible story of triumph and overcoming every odd stacked against her. She explores the family dynamics, financial struggles, and emotional trauma that perpetuated a cycle of abuse in her childhood and even into her adolescence. Moving through her mother’s history in the Bronx, New York, and then being passed around to different relatives, McNab chronicles the feelings of abandonment and isolation she experienced as a child. Find Beauty Within Darkness is the harrowing story of a survivor. A woman who has not only survived but is now thriving. McNab compels each of us who have experienced trauma to try things a different way—to push past the pain to finally reveal the beauty within us all.

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Giselle McNab has been figuring out life on her own since the age of fourteen. Her young life was marred by a disturbed, troubled, and volatile childhood. This rocky beginning led to years that spiraled with uncertainty. Despite that, she found the strength and courage to recreate her life, in order to better herself and the life of her daughters. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida, Giselle worked her way up to a senior position in finance for a Fortune 500 company, and is Six-Sigma certified, specializing in improvement methodologies. She uses her free time to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity and coordinates One Blood drives. She also volunteers at non-profits that focus on helping women escaping domestic violence situations. Hearing the stories of others who have fought for their survival fuels her passion for helping others overcome and rise up from rock bottom. Giselle finds her inner peace at the ocean but her true happy place is at home, where she enjoys cooking and gardening. She and her husband reside in Tampa, FL, and share a happy, blended family of six children

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