Book Tour – “Desire” by Cait Jarrod

Book Tour – “Desire” by Cait Jarrod


I’d like to welcome author Cait Jarrod to the site this morning!  She’s got a new book out, and I’m turning things over to her for a moment.  First things first, here’s a little bit about her:

Author of award-winning romantic suspense Band of Friends series, Cait Jarrod won Reader Choice Awards for best HEA (Happily Ever After), suspense, and Editor’s Choice.

Her heroes have been described as “every girl’s dreams,” the heroines as “strong, down-to-earth, and likable,” the secondary characters “hysterical.” The plots are “fast-paced, unpredictable and clever.”


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And here’s a question from Cait herself – please feel free to answer it in the comments!


How far would you go to keep a secret? Would you push away the people closest to you, the ones that you believe would disown you if they learned what you did?

Cadence Duvall has a secret and does just that, pushes away a man she cares deeply for. I can’t go into details of her secret for fear of telling too much of the story, but I love to hear your thoughts and opinions on secrets and how you’ve handled them.



Let’s talk about Cait’s books now.  Her brand new book is DESIRE, book #3 of the MONTANA DREAMS series:


Cadence Duvall has a heartbreaking secret. Rather than risk rejection, she pushes away the man who taught her the true meaning of desire. Two years later, her heart still hurts and the guilt remains. She heads to Bluebird Valley, Montana, and her best friend, to bury the memories of a tragedy caused by her careless actions.

After Cadence breaks his heart, Bradley Lovett severs ties with his overbearing parents and takes a position in Florida as a horse trainer at a thoroughbred stable. An urgent phone call from his sister, begging him to help the woman he only wants to forget, sends him to Montana. When Bradley tries to help Cadence face her secrets, he finds forgiveness may be the key to their happiness.

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Cait’s provided us with a great excerpt:

If Bradley said he didn’t like hearing Cadence’s sharp gasp, he’d be lying. The quick intake of breath revealed she was as put off at being around him as he was her. And the jolt… Christ! Her body—flinching under the cotton t-shirt, peeking between the panels of her jacket, giving him one hell of a show—brought back thoughts better left buried. Damn, this visit would be the death of him.

One call from his kid sister pulled him away from the sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and threw him into hell. There, he had been free of a dark-haired, dreamy-eyed beauty that had haunted his fantasies since his first wet dream.

Just looking into Cadence’s beautiful, shocked eyes, his heart squeezed. It pissed him off; he didn’t want to feel anything. She’d kicked him to the curb after they had the best sex he ever experienced. Basically saying, “Fuck you!” He wanted no part of being here, but damn he loved his sister. So he ate crow. “You can close your mouth now.”

Cadence’s eyes returned to normal size and she did as he asked, shutting her mouth then biting her bottom lip. Do girls take a class to learn how to drive guys crazy?

“I can handle Thor.”

He searched for something flippant to say, to stop her from looking at him as if she wanted to eat him up. Then, her expression changed to disgust, and his ability to come up with a clever retort disappeared. “Take a break.”

Never, never tell Cadence what to do. He learned that in ‘Cadence 101’ at six-years-old. She was three, and he was putty in her hands. Still was, because he wanted to do whatever she asked to put a smile on her face.

She blinked, as if what he said took time to penetrate her mind. Her eyes narrowed, her hands went to her hips, and her chest heaved. Not in the heavy-panting-flushed-face-from-great-sex way, as it did the night they were together, but as if she was building steam, getting ready to let him have it. He held his ground, inched closer until the toe of his boots touched hers, and waited for the Cadence blowout.

The fire in her eyes weakened, and her posture slackened. Sadness skittered through her gorgeous features. Damn. Why the about-face? She gave nothing away, gave no clue as to why she’d climbed into such a black hole. Other than a hip that might cause her pain occasionally, the doctors had said she was good as new after the accident. So why was she so blah? “What’s wrong?”


Last but certainly not least, Cait has a fantastic giveaway!

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