Book Tour – “Birth of the Sand Viper” by LaSasha Flame

Book Tour – “Birth of the Sand Viper” by LaSasha Flame

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Birth Of The Sand Viper: Origins Of Jafar

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Genre: Dark Fantasy 🦹‍♂️, Origins Story ✍️, Fairytale Reimagined 🧜‍♀️

Rating: 4.6 🌟🌟🌟🌟

FREE ON AMAZON 8/20/21-8/24/21




In Your Fairytale He Is The Villain.


Once Upon A Time Jafar Had A Heart And Humble Dreams.


Until A Queen Of The Dark Lord, Convinced The Sultan Of Agrabah To Embrace His Darkest Desires.


So Jafar Became Something Else…

Something Darker!


Find Out How Jafar Became The Ultimate Bad Boy!

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Birth Of The Sand Viper: Origins Of Jafar Is Another Short Story Within The Dark Immortal Flames Series (Difs) World!


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First Chapter

Basheer and Shekinah


Basheer stood on his balcony overlooking his kingdom in the twilight hour. The warm breeze carried the soul of the desert as small traces of sand tickled his olive skin. His people below were busy closing up shops as the lack of sunlight made it harder to watch for thieves using the cover of night to rob the poor shopkeepers’ blind.

As Sultan, he wished he had a way to provide his people with more wealth so they never knew hunger again. “If I were a good man, every man, woman, and child would live a life of luxury.” he thought.

The familiar arms of the Sultana wrapped around him. He didn’t know she was watching, but he welcomed the company.

“My King, you are a great man, and your dream of a thriving kingdom is obtainable,” Shekinah whispered in his ear before kissing his nape.

She always seemed to know what he was thinking, but he never gave it a second thought.

“My beautiful Queen, there is none wiser in the entire kingdom than you. But I do not see how it’s possible to fulfill my heart’s desire.”

She turned him to face her and started unbuttoning his robe. “I may know a way to call upon the jinn. They are known as wish granters, and they give you what your heart desires.”

Allowing his garment to hit the floor, she kissed his chest as her hand slid down into his pants.

He moaned from her seductive caress. “The creatures of myth and legend?”

She trailed her lips down his abdomen, kneeling before him. “Legend, yes, but they are no myth, my dear husband.” She freed his growing cock, and tongued the tip.

“Ah! Shekinah, you possess the knowledge to drive a man wild with just your mouth. But do you really know how to obtain an audience with a being no one has ever seen?”

He gripped the thick balcony railing as she took all of him in her mouth, looking into her mesmerizing brown eyes. Fifteen years his junior, she was a beauty to behold. But only a fool would dismiss her as just a mere beauty. There was more to her than met the eye— beautiful, but twice as deadly.

Shekinah served a sinister god that rewarded her with powers just as dark. Most men would be frightened of her, but not Basheer. Her danger was precisely what weakened his knees. The sex was out of this world. She was as aggressive as a cobra, and insatiable as the desert’s thirst. Basheer loved it. He loved her.

He lifted her up, forcing her to relinquish his manhood, and sat her on the wide railing. She removed her dupatta, letting it fall to the ground below, and unpinned her hair allowing the glossy, ebony waves to tumble down to the small of her back. Basheer leaned in to kiss her lips but she stopped him short. He wasn’t sure if it were to tease him or because the subjects below would have a scandalous show.

“With my Lord’s grace, I will have an audience with a jinni, and force him to give my mighty Sultan everything you could ever dream of possessing under the hot desert sun.”

He lifted her dress up so he could settle between her thighs, and penetrate deep in her core.

Let them watch!

“Legends cannot be forced, my queen.”

She moaned from the wave of ecstasy engulfing her as he pumped his hips. He grabbed her by the hair, forcing a kiss from her.

In an instant, they were on the silk sheets of their bed. Shekinah had used her powers to teleport them, positioning herself atop him. Basheer laughed, amused by her not wanting to give the people a show they would never forget.

She ripped open the top of the dress, revealing her breasts to him, placing his hand on the left one.

“Feel my love for you with each beat of my heart, Basheer. As sure as my body lives for you, know that I will give you the greatest kingdom the world will ever see, but you have to trust me. Do you trust me, Basheer?”

She stared into his hazel eyes, rocking on his cock. He wasn’t sure how long he would be able to hold out, but he would have told her anything in that moment. He would have sold his soul into endless torture if that’s what it took to make her happy.

“Yes, I trust you.”

Basheer didn’t know it at the time, but those four words would prove to be his downfall. That was the moment he changed not only his life, but the life of a young jinni by the name of Jafar.


Intrigued? Birth Of The Sand Viper: Origins Of Jafar

FREE ON AMAZON 8/20/21-8/24/21





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