Book Spotlight – “Decoherence” by Liana Brooks

Book Spotlight – “Decoherence” by Liana Brooks

Please welcome author Liana Brooks to the site today!


Liana Brooks writes science fiction and sci-fi romance for people who like fast ships, big guns, witty one-liners, and happy endings. She lives in Alaska with her husband, four kids, and giant mastiff puppy. When she isn’t writing she enjoys hiking the Chugach Range, climbing glaciers, and watching whales.

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And here’s her new book!

Readers of Blake Crouch’s DARK MATTER and Wesely Chu’s TIME SALVAGER will love Liana Brooks’ DECOHERENCE–the thrilling, time-bending conclusion to the Time & Shadow series!

Samantha Rose and Linsey MacKenzie have established an idyllic life of married bliss in Australia, away from the Commonwealth Bureau of Investigation, away from mysterious corpses, and—most of all—away from Dr. Emir’s multiverse machine.

But Sam is a detective at heart, and even on the other side of the world, she can’t help wonder if a series of unsolved killings she reads about are related—not just to each other, but to the only unsolved case of her short career.

She knows Jane Doe’s true name, but Sam never discovered who killed the woman found in an empty Alabama field in spring of 2069. She doesn’t even know which version of herself she buried under a plain headstone.

When Mac suddenly disappears, Sam realizes she is going to once more be caught up in a silent war she still doesn’t fully understand. Every step she takes to save Mac puts the world she knows at risk, and moves her one step closer to becoming the girl in the grave.

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Here’s an excerpt:

Decoherence (n): a period of time when all iterations collapse and there is only one possible reality.

~ Excerpt from Definitions of Time by Emmanuela Pine, I1

Day 247

Year 5 of Progress

Capitol Spire

Main Continent

Iteration 17—Fan 1

… three. Rose stood and peered through the frosted, warped glass of the conference room as the speaker turned away. It didn’t matter which iteration she was in, Emir was predictable. She had seven seconds to do a head count. She didn’t need that long.

A quick head count was all it took to confirm that the einselected nodes she’d been sent to assassinate were where they belonged.

Every iteration had nodes, people or events that kept that variation of human history from collapsing. Dr. Emir had created a machine that allowed people not only to move along their own timeline, but at critical convergence points, it allowed them to cross between realities. But the Mechanism for Iteration Alignment’s greatest ability was the one that allowed Dr. Emir and Central Command to steer history by erasing futures they didn’t want.

Rose knelt beside the door, did one final sweep for alarms, and nodded for her team to move in. It was her job to cross at convergence points, kill the nodes, and collapse the futures that no one wanted.

One look at the version of herself watching this iteration’s Emir with rapt fascination was enough to make Rose want to snip this future in the bud.

Chubby was the first thing that came to mind. Rose’s doppelganger was enjoying being at the top of the social pyramid and probably gorging on whatever passed as a delicacy here. The squared bangs with a streak of riotous red only accented the corpulence and lack of self-control the inferior other had.

Even with a heavy wood door between them, Rose could hear that this iteration’s Emir was hypothesizing things the MIA was never meant to do. Everyone with half a brain knew that decoherence didn’t combine iterations, it crushed them. Only the true timeline, the Prime, would survive decoherence. Planning to welcome and integrate doppelgangers into the society was pure idiocy.

The techs sealing the door shut gave her the high sign.

Rose nodded to her hacker.

“Cameras locked. Security is deaf and blind, ma’am”Logan’s voice was a soft whisper in her earpiece. He was a genius with computer systems, a fact that had saved him when they collapsed I-38 three years ago. “We have a fifteen-minute window.”


Finally, here’s a great interview with Liana…


Who is your favorite author?

A tossup between Terry Pratchett and Ilona Andrews. When I’m having a bad day, those are the authors I turn to for escape.

How do you describe your writing style?

I write like I cook… I toss everything in and see what tastes right. It’s sci-fi with a dash of humor and a bit of philosophy and a pinch of imagination. Stir it, add some C4, and bake under a nine-month deadline.

Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book?

In THE DAY BEFORE on page one, you met Jane Doe. Now, meet her killer in DECOHERENCE.

Have any of your characters been modeled after yourself?

They haven’t, at least not in my published books. The main character of DECOHERENCE is Sam Rose and she is based on a very dear friend (also named Samantha). But none of my characters are based on me. I’m very boring.

If you could exchange lives with any of your characters for a day which character would you choose and why?

I want to be Sam living in Cannonvale, Australia, because it’s currently autumn in Alaska and there is frost in the forecast. I love hot weather and beaches, so please sign me up for working at the surf shop! I don’t care if I’m bored! I just want some toasty sunshine.

What books have most influenced your life?

There is no one book I could single out and say, “This is. This is the one that changed my life.” There have been thousands of books in my life that had left a profound effect on me. Fiction and non-fiction. Everything I read adds layers to my thoughts process, to how I view the world. I can say I want to be more like Pahoran, or more like Beka Roselin-Metadi, or more like Granny Weatherwax, but it doesn’t matter, because I’m already a little bit like each of them. With every book I read, and every person I meet, I become a little bit different.

That’s the beauty of life; we’re always growing and changing into something new.

If you could select one book that you could rewrite and add your own unique twist on, which book would that be and why?

Well, right at this very moment, I’d love to rewrite Harry Potter with Harry Dresden as a Hogwarts teacher. Tomorrow I’ll have a better answer.

Beatles or Monkees? Why?

… um… I can’t actually name a single song by either band (I know! I’m a horrible human being!). So I asked my kids. They said Monkees, because my son likes monkeys.

Who should play you in a film of your life?

Do you think we could get Christina Hendricks to play a brunette? We have a similar body type… I’m just a lot shorter than her. When I was younger I looked more like Keira Knightley, but four kids and several decades have changed me. It happens.

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