Book Spotlight – “Claimed” by LaSasha Flame

Book Spotlight – “Claimed” by LaSasha Flame


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Let Me Introduce The First Book In The Main





Genre: A Dark Paranormal Romance.

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Discover A Scorching New World Of Immortals In
LaSasha Flame’s Tale Claimed: Dark
Breeds Of The Lycans
, The First Installment Of The Dark Immortal Flames
Series… FREE 7/30-8/3 🤯

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If You Enjoy Paranormal And Fantasy Romances
With Werewolves And Lycans, Alpha Men, Strong Female Characters, Secret Babies,
Forbidden Love, Bad Boys With A Soft Spot, Explicit Language, Hot Sex Scenes,
And Enemies To Lovers This Is The Book For You! Can Be Read As A Standalone But
Better In The Series.

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Claimed: Dark Breeds Of The Lycans

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Amelia Is A Dark King’s Obsession. But He’s A
Monster. A Monster She Can’t Seem To Get Out Of Her System.





Rike West





Everyone Fears Me.

But I Don’t Mind
It. There Is Power In Fear.

I Earned Every Drop.

Every Quiver.

Every Scream.

Problem Is…

That Same Fear Is
Standing In The Way Of Me Taking What Belongs To Me.

I Thought Claire
Was The Answer To My Problems

So I Married Her.

Then The Gods
Laughed And My True Mate Amelia Showed Up

After I Already
Said I Do.

And Because Fate Is
Cruel To Monsters Of The Worlds

And The Villains
Never Win…

My One Chance At
Love Hates My Guts.

But That’s Okay…

Because I Don’t
Need Love

I Need An Heir

And She Will Be My
Queen And Birth My Children

Whether She Likes
It Or Not.

I Am Not The Prince
In This Fairytale

I Am Rike West

And She Will Learn
Why They Call Me The Dark King






Amelia Torrin

Future Queen Of The Dark Moon Empire?

Ha… I Think Not!

Yeah He Might Be My Mate But He Is Going To Learn Real Fast…

I Am Nobody’s Prisoner.

I Will Kill Him Before I Ever Agree To Birth
His Unholy Offspring.

I Am Amelia Torrin

Do Not Underestimate Me.


Rike And Amelia’s Story Is No Accident! Their
Dance Of Love, Hate, And Lust Is A Trigger To The Apocalypse.

The End Is Near!

Discover A Scorching New World Of Immortals In
LaSasha Flame’s Dark Immortal Flames Series! Each Book Is Popping The Lock On
Lucifer’s Cage In This 13 Book Series.

If You Enjoy Characters Of Color, Paranormal
And Fantasy Romances With Werewolves And Lycans, Alpha Men, Strong Female
Characters, Secret Babies, Forbidden Love, Bad Boys With A Soft Spot, Vulgar
Language, Hot Scenes, And Enemies To Lovers Claimed Is The Book For You! Can Be
Read As A Standalone But Better In The Series.

If You Enjoy Paranormal And Fantasy Dark
Romances With Werewolves And Lycans, Alpha Men, Strong Female Characters,
Explicit Language, Hot Scenes, Enemies To Lovers, Jinn, Friends To Lovers, Gods
With Dark Pasts, Dark Faeries, Magic, Dragons, Vengeance Spirits, Fae Kings,
Dangerous Nightmares, Halflings, Star-crossed Lovers, Daemon Lovers, Surprise
Babies, Second Chance At Love, Tiger Shifters, Immortal Royalty, Arranged
Marriages, Throuple Triangles, Angels, Battles Between Angels And Demons,
Forbidden Love, New Worlds, Fated Mates, And A Love With Apocalyptic

This Is The Series For You!

Help Me To Release The Devil And Burn It All
Down. All You Have To Do Is Read The Book 😉

Dark Immortal Flame Shared World Reading Order

Birth of the Sand Viper

Behind The Veil

Captive of a Dark Prince





Name: Rike

Species: Lycan-
Dark breed

Alpha Lord Of Dark Moon Empire In Need Of A Wife And Heir To Gain Power And
Dominion Over Half The North American Lycan. After Several Fail Attempts He Discovers His True Mate But She Wants Nothing To
Do With Him.

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Theme Song: Watch
Me Burn by Michele Morrone

Look-alike: Mariano Di Vaio But A Lot More Tanned
Since Rike Is Describe As Being Dark Skinned. And He Has Purple Eyes That Glow.

Favorite Character Scene: ********SPOILER ALERT******* ‘The girls chuckled,
amused by his antics. He kissed Amelia’s hand, and she blushed. Rike didn’t
like watching another male stroking reactions from her. “Toretto!” Rike growled
more forcefully than intended. The lighthearted laughter was sucked out of the
room, and the scent of fear from everyone hit Rike. Amelia stiffened,
her eyes fixed on Rike. Claire and Toretto bowed in submission, but she
remained upright, holding his gaze. She really had been raised among humans,
and it was evident in her lack of pack etiquette. Rike softened his tone and
cleared his throat. “Please allow Claire to give her guest a tour of the
estate. We must not delay. Dinner will be served soon.” He smiled at Amelia,
the act weird and foreign as he used muscles in his face
he didn’t know he had. Claire and Toretto stared at Rike’s attempt at a
welcoming smile as if he were a three-headed dragon in a bikini. Amelia
returned the smile, but it never quite reached her eyes. He sobered and stopped
smiling, rubbing the back of his neck. She was leery of Rike. Convincing her
wouldn’t be as easy as he thought.”-Chapter Four of Claimed by LaSasha Flame

Name: Amelia

Species: Lycan-
Dark Breed

Description: Free
Spirited Lone Wolf Who Leads A Nomad Life Of Self-indulgence In Rich Cultural
And Sexual Experiences. She Finds Her True Mate Already Married To Her Good
Friend! Out Of Respect For Their Friendship She Is Prepared To Let Claire Have
Him, But Rike Will Not Let Her Walk Away So Easily.

Pinterest Vision

Theme Song: I
Fell In Love With The Devil by Avril Lavigne

Look-alike: Rihanna With Lilac Colored Eyes

LaSasha’s Favorite
Character Scene: ********SPOILER ALERT******* ‘Amelia smiled and thanked him
before retreating into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She exhaled
deeply, leaning on the sink, finally able to breathe without his eyes fixed on
her. She flushed with desire for Rike. His gaze promised so much exquisite
pleasure. Let’s face it, he was already eye-fucking her. Every second his eyes
were fixed on her was another thrust deep between her legs. Amelia’s body ached
for him, and her lips longed to taste his. He wore a suit minus the jacket, but
she could tell he had a body built by the fucking Gods. A body she wanted to
spend hours exploring with her tongue, the lethal weapon he had obviously spent
time honing to the point that those guns at his side were nothing but the
cherry on top of the killing blow. She would caress every muscle until he
became putty in her hands as she rode him deep in her core, coating him in her
scent, so every female knew he was hers and only hers. Stop it! STOP IT! That
is Claire’s husband. Stop being a trollop, Amelia, and have some self-respect.
Amelia said to herself in the mirror, “Get it together, girl. He is not that
cute.” Lies! He is hot as sin, but it’s a great day to lie to myself. Done with
her reprieve, Amelia checked herself over one more time before opening the
bathroom door. She peeked out into the hallway only to discover herself alone.
Toretto has just lost major cool points for abandoning me. Amelia started down
the hallway to rejoin the others only to run smack dab into Rike.”-Chapter
Seven of Claimed by LaSasha Flame

Name: Aloysius





Species: Lycan-
Night Breed

Description: Al
Is Rike Oldest Best Friend And Beta Of The Their Lycan Empire. In Fact They Are
Now Brothers And Run The Dark Moon Empire Together Like Some Ultra Sexy But
Twice As Deadly Bosses. A Man Of Few Words. Rike Speaks With His Guns And Al
Speaks By Making Shit Happen.

Pinterest Vision

Theme Song:
Sucker for Pain by Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons w/ Logic &
Ty Dolla $ign ft X Ambassadors

Look-alike: David Beckham With Piercing Blue Eyes

Favorite Character Scene: ********SPOILER ALERT******* ‘Aloysius entered the
workshop, interrupting Rike’s musing. The Beta said nothing, picking up a piece
of fine-grit sandpaper and rubbing it in vertical strokes back and forth across
the panel. This was the first time the males had been in the same room since
Rike charged him with false accusations. Rike longed to make up with his
brother, but until now, Al wouldn’t see him. Now, he was finally ready to
stomach Rike’s presence again. And he was ever so grateful to be in Al’s good
company again. Rike turned off the tool and set it to the side. “Aloysius, I
apologize for my behavior. I am ashamed of myself for ever doubting you. My
arrogance … the situation with Claire—” Rike hung his head. “In my arrogance, I
never once fathomed my wife would cheat on me. Or my fourth in command could
betray me. I thought they feared me too much to be so stupid to do something so
disrespectful to me. I thought fear was all the power I would ever need. My
arrogance made me a fool. But my inadequacies are no excuse for ever doubting
you. You are my brother and if you were a woman, you would have probably been
my queen.” Aloysius threw a shop towel at Rike. “Oh sod off, ye bastard! As if
you’ll catch my fancy.” The males shared a laugh.”-Chapter Forty
of Claimed by LaSasha Flame

Name: Cami





Species: Lycan

Description: Cami
Is A Submissive Wolf In Rike’s Empire. She Has The Honor Of Serving The Alphas
Of The Pack As A Glorified Butler Of Sorts. But She Is Not A Mere Maid. She Is
A Fierce Lycan Able To Go To War And Tear Shit Up Right With Her Brethren. But
Being A Submissive Wolf It Means Her Pack Job Is To Serve In Some Capacity
While Dominate Wolves Serve As Protectors Known As Enforcers. She Has Her Eye
On The Top Enforcer Of The Entire Pack. The Only Male Too Dominate For Her And
Answers Only To The Alpha… Aloysius The Pack Beta.

Pinterest Vision

Theme Song: If I
could Be Her by ZZ Ward

Look-alike: Scarlett Johansson

Favorite Character Scene: ********SPOILER ALERT******* ‘When Amelia turned to
Cami, she was staring at the door, longing for something. Or someone. “Cami,
take your shot. Whether you swing and miss or swing and hit, at least you know
where you stand. He’s never going to know with you cowered in the corner like a
shaken chihuahua. He is a night breed so he only respects strength,” Amelia
said as she sat down to her meal. Cami looked at her feet. “If only I wasn’t a
submissive wolf.” Amelia faced Cami. “There is strength in submission. True
submission can only be earned. Rike, your Alpha, has earned your submission by
providing for you but has Aloysius truly earned your submission?” “He is the
Beta, my Queen. He outranks me.” “No, Cami. He is only the mouthpiece of the
Alpha. He is following orders, too, just in a different capacity. There is one
thing you have that would submit him to your will,” Amelia said before taking a
bite of her eggs and promptly spitting them into a napkin. Cami’s eyes went
wide, and she knelt before Amelia, clasping her hand. “My Queen, tell me! What
is it that I have?” “You’re a female. What’s between your legs trumps what is
between his. Use your body to talk to his cock. Your boldness would be
irresistible because as I said before, he is a night breed
and they respect strength. He is the Beta out there but in
the bedroom,
you will be the Alpha.”-Chapter Twenty Four of Claimed by
LaSasha Flame

Name: Toretto





Species: Lycan

Description: Rett
Is Third In Command Of The Dark Moon Empire. He Is The Second
Friend Of Rike. Rike Considers Him A Brother But Rike Raised Him
And Aloysius Mentored Him. He Is The Horny Sex God Little Brother Who Sole
Mission In Life After His Pack Duties And Fucking Everything That Breaths. Men
Or Women In Any Shape Size And Color Are All His Type. He’s A Half Breed Lycan
With An Incubus Daemon Somewhere In His Family Tree. Be Careful Because One
Smile Will Melt Your Panties Or Your Boxes Off.

Pinterest Vision

Theme Song: Drink
Me by Michele Morrone

Look-alike: Nick Bateman But With Blue Eyes

Favorite Character Scene: ********SPOILER ALERT******* ‘Toretto carried a
briefcase and indicated a narrow corridor with a red door hidden away like a
secret of the Big Easy just below a digital art gallery. Rike gave Toretto a
pointed look. “I don’t even want to know how you are connected to witches. I
mean really, Toretto … fucking witches, man?” Toretto shrugged. “I am a little
horn dog. And just for today, how about we don’t call them witches? It’s
offensive to them, and we want her help, my Lord.” Rike scoffed. “Lycans and
witches working together has to be an abomination somewhere in somebody’s holy
book, and you fucked one?” Toretto was a sly pretty boy and self-proclaimed
Zeus’s gift to womankind. He grinned. “My dick don’t discriminate. All the
ladies love big Retto, my Lord”. Rike shook his head. “You’re lucky little
Retto didn’t disappear; piss her off one good time, and she might abracadabra
your dick away.” Aloysius chuckled, agreeing with Rike.”-Chapter Three of
Claimed by LaSasha Flame

Name: Marie





Species: White
Lyter Fae- Enchantress

Description: Marie
Antoinette Is A Drop Dead Gorgeous Lyte Fae Who Specialize In Enhancements.
Life Was Going Great Until Rike West Walked Into Her Shop Demanding She Help
Him With His Pure Breed Mate Quest. First Off, He Was A Lycan, A Long Time
Enemy Of The Fae. Wolf And Faeries Just Didn’t Get Along. Just Him Being In Her
Shop Threaten To Damaged Her Reputation In The Lore. Or So She Thought. Turned
Out Rike Is Good For Business And Toretto Is Even Better For Minimizing Profit
Loss. Yeah, She Is Going To Help Him Wed And Bed Amelia Until She Is Knocked Up
With His Heir.

Pinterest Vision

Theme Song: Truth
Hurts by Lizzo

Look-alike: AnnaLynne McCord

LaSasha’s Favorite
Character Scene: ********SPOILER ALERT******* ‘Still held back by Aloysius,
Rike said through gritted teeth, “Listen, witch! We wouldn’t be here if we did
not need your services!” She slammed her fist on the counter, a ripple of power
pulsing through the shop. “I am NOT a witch! You ask for my help and insult me
in the same breath! No thank you!” Rike growled, and Aloysius held him back
tighter. Toretto stepped in and smiled at the white lyter, and she looked at
him as if he was a creature from the black lagoon.
“Hey! I’m Toretto, and your name is?” She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously
before answering. “Marie … Marie Antoinette.”-Chapter Three of Claimed by
LaSasha Flame

Name: Claire





Species: Lycan

Claire Was Born To Be A Trophy Wife. She Had The Regal Beauty Destined To Stand
Next To Some Powerful Male In The Lore. But She Didn’t Want Just Any Male,
Nope. She Had Her Sights Set On The Most Powerful Lycan In The Entire World.
Rike West A Dark And Deadly God Among Men. Just His Name Was Enough To Strike
Fear In Everyone. Luck Has It He Is In The Market For A Wife Ready To Have His
Babies. She Is Just The Woman To Answer His Call.

Pinterest Vision

Theme Song: 7
Rings by Ariana Grande

Look-alike: Saoirse Ronan

Favorite Character Scene: ********SPOILER ALERT******* ‘“My Lord, have me in
your bed tonight so that you can see how great of a wife I can be for you,”
Claire purred. Rike was definitely intrigued and smirked. “You court dark
desires in me. But I must warn you to reconsider as I am not a gentle lover.”
Claire smiled. “Do I look like a girl that desires gentleness? How sure are you
that you can handle me, Mr. West?” Rike chuckled as he rose to undo his belt.
“In that case, you will service my Beta as well.” She looked back at Aloysius,
who had already removed his shirt. Intense blue eyes burned into her as he
unzipped his jeans. Rike waited for a moment of hesitation on her part. To her
credit, she didn’t bat an eye as she beckoned them closer. Claire’s ambition
and steely determination to marry him persuaded Rike to take a chance. They
would be married within the month and start trying on their wedding night.
Until then, they could have a little safe fun. The two men closed in on her,
their hands caressing her sensitive nipples and moist, sweet spot. Rike tasted
her juices from his fingers. “Ms. Ó Duinn?” She pulled Rike in for a deep kiss,
swirling her tongue over his. “Call me Mrs. West.”-Chapter One of Claimed by
LaSasha Flame


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I Do! Are You Dying To Meet These Characters?
If So, I Have Put Together Character Vision Boards For The Main Characters And
The Supporting Character In Claimed: Dark Breeds Of The Lycans!

Go To My Pinterest And Meet Amelia, Rike,
Aloysius, Toretto, Cami, And Marie! The Cover Picture For Each Board Is My
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