Book Seven Update

Book Seven Update

I’m closing in on 50,000 words in the latest Dream Series book.  I’ve been writing ahead; the bit I’m currently working on will be chapter 13 or 14, depending on how things go.

Here’s a very brief snippet for you…

She turns away from the old door and heads for Ben’s room.  With another deep breath, she turns the knob, opens the door and she steps – outdoors?

Outdoors.  Definitely.  She knows this is her son’s dream, but it takes her a moment to orient herself.  She’s on the playground of the elementary school.  She sees Ben immediately, bundled up in his winter clothes, talking to a little red-haired girl.  That must, she realizes, be Celia.  She’s got on a big coat and a bright green scarf, but no hat to cover her hair, which is whipping around in the wind.  Sara approaches slowly, listening to Celia giving instructions to her son.  “Stand still, and close your eyes.  OK?”  As Sara watches, drawing closer, Ben obeys.  Celia grabs his arms, leans down a bit – she’s half a head taller than him – and quickly kisses his cheek. “There!  Now you’re my boyfriend.  That’s what Julia says.  If I kiss you, then you’re my boyfriend.  That means you have to – uh, I’m not sure.  Julia never said what you have to do now.  But I’ll ask her tonight, and then I’ll tell you what you’re supposed to do.  OK?”

“OK,” Ben agrees, an embarrassed grin on his face.  Sara shakes her head; it’s just too cute for words.  But she can’t enjoy the moment – Celia isn’t really here, this is just an image, a memory of her son’s.  She calls out to him, and it takes several tries before she gets his attention.  When he finally hears her, his eyes go wide.

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