Book Release! “Belakane” by Angela Carling & Anna Taylor

Book Release! “Belakane” by Angela Carling & Anna Taylor


Creating an enchantment
to protect her friends is risky but so is having faith in mortals!

IT’S HERE! Finally the origin of The Secret Keeper Curse is
told! BELAKANE, The Origin of the Curse is a novella.The book may be a little shorter, but the story  is big on paranormal drama!

Here’s the blurb you’ll find on the back of the book:

Belakane lives during the terrifying age of the Salem
Witch trials. And, unlike the women around her, she actually is a witch.
When Belakane’s magic gets her best friend Martha accused of witchcraft, the
powerful sorceress creates a risky enchantment to protect what’s left of the
small group of friends that hide her secret.



Will Belakane’s power save her friends or will it be
the demise of all she holds dear?



If you’ve already read The Secret Keeper you know that an
ancient spell has the power to erase a mistake, making it like it never
happened. In Book 1, that’s how Winter Merrill erases a choice that she
regrets. But…she can’t imagine how her bargain with The Secret Keeper will
change her life, especially when under the rules of the curse, she cannot tell her next secret AND IT’S A DOOZY THAT MUST BE TOLD TO SAVE THOSE

Here are the links to learn more about or purchase The
Secret Keeper and In The Dying Light

Now for a fun little quiz: Which of these things was most
likely to get you accused of being a witch in 1692?

You are a woman
You are close to an animal
You are middle aged
You talk to yourself
Milk or buttermilk spoiled while in your cooler
You have moles or scars
Or you were in a low social position
Okay…so it was trick question. All of these things could get
you accused of being a witch in Salem 1692. Would you have been in trouble? I would!!
In Books 1 and 2 of the series we learn about how the secret keeper curse
affects the characters that live in our
but in Belakane we get to go back in time to 1692 in Salem Massachusetts,
a very hostile time and place for a real witch like Belakane.

You can pick up Belakane, The Origin
of the Curse on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, I-books, and Kobo for only 1.99! Here
are the links:
Barnes and Noble

Discover the Secret Keeper series with Belakane or finally learn who created the powerful secret keeper curse and why it lives on in 2016!
Thanks for stopping by and may  you never need a secret keeper!
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