Book Launch – “Righteous Decisions” by Casey Harvell

Book Launch – “Righteous Decisions” by Casey Harvell

I’m always happy to spotlight new authors, and here’s another one: Casey Harvell and her BRAND NEW novel, “Righteous Decisions”

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Casey Harvell lives in the Hudson Valley of New York with her husband and their two sons. An independent author, this is Casey’s second novel, the first in a paranormal romance series. Casey is slightly zombie obsessed and known to use the word “boom” frequently.

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Here’s her BRAND NEW novel, which is even FREE today!



When Lettie, a misfit photographer, realizes her nightmares have become reality she is more than a little freaked out, but as her world gets turned upside down, and at the top of a paranormal hit list, she discovers more about herself than she ever thought possible.

Lettie has always felt as though she doesn’t quite fit in. She suffers from a nightmare disorder and has a constant thought at the back of her mind, that something is just not quite right with her. She manages to maintain her blissful ignorance for quite some time, but eventually she must face her fate, particularly when circumstances throw it in her face, making it impossible to ignore. Lettie comes to the realization that she has to make some decisions. And these choices have an unimaginable domino effect, not just for her, -but for humanity. Thrust into having a new outlook on an imperfect world, Lettie discovers strength inside of her, unlike anything else. Her path of self-discovery is also the path to her salvation. With the help of a few friends, Lettie discovers herself, and what she is capable of.

You can find it at Amazon!

I’ve got an interview with Casey…

Favorite Author:

You mean I have to pick one? My favorite books of all time are the Hollows Series, by Amanda Hocking


My writing style:

Sporadic. I have two kids, so I take what I can get 🙂


Why should we read your books:

I’m an avid reader turned writer. My goal is to entertain my readers and give them books and characters to fall in love with.


Have any main characters been modeled after yourself:

I think all of my heroine’s reflect certain aspects of my ideals, but they also grow into their own personalities as I write them.


If you could trade lives with any of your characters for a day who would it be and why?

Probably Lettie, just to spend the day at the beach 🙂


What books have most influenced your life?

In the early days, it was Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High. Later, came Gone With the Wind and Scarlett, then I discovered Nora Roberts. It’s definitely escalated since then. Everything I can get my hands on has an influence over my writing.


One book to re-write:

Can it be a sequel? I’ve always wanted to continue  where Scarlett, the sequel to Gone With the Wind, left off.


Beatles of Monkees? Why?

Trick question! 🙂


Who should play you in a movie about your life?

Sandra Bullock. She’s just awkward enough and falls down a lot. 

AND, we’re not done yet!  Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite for “Righteous Decisions”

“Turn to the right just a bit.” I instruct. “Perfect, hold it right there.”
I smile at the bride and groom whose memory of this day would soon be
forever frozen in time by these photographs. I secretly envy the way
Kathleen and Gerard look into each other’s eyes and their light joking
manner. After capturing so many weddings on film, I can always tell the
ones that will last. This couple is a shoe in.
The day is bright and warm. Even the humidity seems to hold off for these
two, which is no easy feat for Florida’s east coast. The warm ocean breeze
dances over our skin and adds an ambiance that would otherwise be
impossible to create. As a photographer I could not ask for more perfect
natural lighting than the sun in the clear sky overhead. It seems Mother
Nature has as much faith in this couple as I do.
I release the glowing bride and groom to move on to the wedding party but
warn them not to stray too far as they will be needed for group photos
shortly. My mood lightens as I take a candid shot of the flower girl and ring
bearer acting as only children can. The young boy holds a small purple
wildflower out to the little girl and her smile is that of joy and innocence.


Her light pink dress ruffles slightly as a warm breeze passes. I am sure the
bride will love the photo of her niece and husband’s nephew.
The reception moves on quickly while I make sure it is all visually
documented. By the time the bride and groom run from the building trying
to avoid the birdseed being launched at them from all directions, I am spent
and sure that the happy couple will be grateful enough to give me a referral.
My business thrives on them and while I can make pocket money on the
tourists of my ancient city, this is where the future of my business will be.

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    1. I agree – and we’ve all been there as beginning authors, so I figure it’s only right to help out other folks who are getting started.

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