Book Launch – Margie Church and “Deep Enough to Bleed”

Book Launch – Margie Church and “Deep Enough to Bleed”

I’m thrilled to be hosting a stop on Margie Church’s tour for the launch of her new novel, “Deep Enough to Bleed”

First things first, here’s Margie…

Margie Church 3

Margie Church writes erotic romance novels with a strong suspense element, in keeping with her moniker: Romance with SASS (Suspense Angst Seductive Sizzle). Never expect the same thing twice in one of her books. She tackles subjects and conflicts that aren’t typical in romances. Life is complicated. People are, too. Marrying those concepts makes her work fascinating to read. Margie was 2011 GLBT Author of the Year, and her book, Hard as Teak, was named 2011 GLBT Book of the Year at Loves Romances Café. She is well-known for her BDSM erotic romances as well.

Margie lives in Minnesota, is married, and has two children. Some of her passions are music, poetry, walking on moonlit nights, fishing, and making people laugh. She also writes children’s books under the pen name, Margaret Rose.

Keep up with Margie:

Margie’s website: Romance with SASS

Margie’s blog:






And here’s the book!

Deep Enough To Bleed by Margie Church - 200

Orphaned on the brink of adulthood, Jolene must make decisions for herself and her younger, disabled brother, Adam. Decisions as painful as the blows they suffered at their father’s hands. Cutting herself is the only thing making Jolene feel something besides misery and worthlessness.

Jolene has never dated, yet quickly recognizes Brendan is a great guy. She wants a serious and intimate relationship, but is scared to trust him with the truth. Will he think she’s a freak if he learns of her secret compulsion? Will hearing about the horrible events from her past make him run?

Buy the book now!

Margie’s Amazon Author page:

Tirgearr Publishing:


Contest:  To celebrate the release of Deep Enough to Bleed, Margie is giving away one ebook copy to one lucky person who best answers why they’d read Deep Enough to Bleed.  Just leave your answer in the comments to this post (and be sure to include your email address, so Margie can contact the winner!)


And, last but not lesat, I’ve got a great interview with Margie:

 Who is your favorite author?

James Sandford. He is a local author who writes the Prey series. I’ve read most of these police serials. I can’t figure out why I haven’t met him yet!!
How do you describe your writing style?

Swift, to the point. You’ll feel like you’re present in the story.
Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book?

Deep Enough to Bleed is extremely well-written, gripping and modern. The lead character is a young woman who triumphs over horrific events and circumstances because she wants to, not because a guy motivates her.
Have any of your characters been modeled after yourself?

Not completely. I think that would be creepy. However, many of my lead characters have a personality trait, habit or behavior of mine. Jolene has my tenacity.
If you could exchange lives with any of your characters for a day which character would you choose and why?

Devon Mercer from Awakening/Avenging Allaire. He’s a rich, handsome and fascinating lawyer.
What books have most influenced your life?

Romances. When I was a teenager, they were an escape to places I couldn’t even imagine. I also developed a love for police serials, crime stories and psychological dramas. My moniker is Romance with SASS – Suspense Angst Seductive Sizzle because of this.
Who should play you in a film of your life?

Meryl Streep


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6 Replies to “Book Launch – Margie Church and “Deep Enough to Bleed””

  1. Wow this sounds like a great book. I love broken characters that can become whole when they meet their one true love. Also Jolene is my middle name but I spell it Joleen. lol

  2. Hi Margie!

    Congrats! I love gritty teen books. What inspired this one? How do you think cutting is different from being suicidal?

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