Book Hooks!

Book Hooks!

Hello, and welcome, if you’ve stopped here from the weekly Book Hooks blog hop.

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We’re a bunch of authors who share something from our work to, well, get you hooked.  So here’s something from my first novel, book #1 in the Dream Series, DREAM STUDENT.  Our heroine, Sara, is telling her roommate and best friend about her date the night before…

Of course, I know it’s not the milkshake that convinces Beth.  It also certainly isn’t the half-hour walk in the cold on a day when the icy wind and solid gray sky make it feel like we’re living on Ice Planet Hoth.  It’s only the prospect of getting a full report about Brian that makes her agree.  I must still be glowing; she takes one look at me and she knows exactly what happened last night.  But I know her; she wants to hear about it from my lips.

By the time we finally get there, red-cheeked and shivering, she’s got her full report.  She presses for every little detail as we enjoy our strawberry and vanilla (her) and chocolate and peanut butter (me) milkshakes.  I finally tell her what I didn’t tell her Friday night, too.  I tell her everything he said, and what it did to me.  “Nobody ever looked at me like that.  I felt it all the way down to my toes.  It–I don’t even know how to describe it.”  As I say the words, I feel dizzy and warm all over again, and my face is flushed.  Beth is looking at me like she’s never seen me before.

In a way, maybe she hasn’t; I don’t feel like myself, and I haven’t since Friday night.  After a moment, Beth closes her eyes; I know what she’s doing.  She’s calling up a mental image of Brian, and trying to square that with what I’ve just said and what she saw.  She isn’t quite managing it.  “If it was anybody else saying that…”

“I wouldn’t believe it either,” I finish her thought.  “But he–oh, my God.  Maybe I am crazy, but I’ve never felt that before.  And–I couldn’t tell you the other night.  I–I needed to keep it for myself.  You understand?”

By the way, DREAM STUDENT is FREE on Amazon!



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