Book Hooks – The End and the Beginning

Book Hooks – The End and the Beginning

Welcome to my stop on this week’s Book Hooks blog hop!

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Since my newest book just came out last week, I figure I’ll give you just a little taste of that, and also of the very beginning of the Dream Series that started it all, ten books ago!


DREAM STUDENT is the first book of the Dream Series, and it’s FREE on Amazon (and elsewhere!).  And here’s how it begins…

Sara rarely remembers her dreams.  She has no idea that she’s had more or less this same dream two or three nights a week since the beginning of the semester.  She’s sitting there in the lecture hall, and if she were ever able to remember this dream she’d recognize it as the same seat she actually sits in every Tuesday and Thursday at nine-thirty in the morning.  She’d recognize Dr. Wallabeck, too, and in the dream he’s wearing one of those dreadful patterned ties he always wears; he’s peering over his awful wire-rimmed glasses exactly the way he does in real life.  Every detail of the lecture hall is captured by Sara’s subconscious with almost perfect accuracy


DREAM WEDDING is the final book of the series, and it’s on sale at Amazon and elsewhere.  And this is how it ends…


“You better have the baby before Lizzie has hers.  I don’t want him…”

“Or her.”

“Or her.  Either one’s good.  Whichever it is, Lizzie’s baby is going to be his or her niece or nephew.  So he or she has to be older.  Fair enough?”

I sit up, reach out to Brian, pull myself to him.  I kiss him, and I don’t let go for a very long time.  It’s the only answer either of us needs.

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