Book Blast! “Find Me” by Cait Jarrod

Book Blast! “Find Me” by Cait Jarrod

Title: FIND ME
Series: Candy Hearts Romance
Author: Cait Jarrod
Pub Date: 2/3/16
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Pages: 71 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance
In Heather Ridge, Virginia, myth has it the lucky recipients of the two FIND ME candy hearts distributed each year are soul mates. 
Too afraid of seeing her one-time trusted friend, good-hearted Lyse Haynes refuses to go to her high school class reunion. But when she receives a second invitation containing the elusive candy heart, she takes an overdue vacation to pursue the dream of finally finding her soul mate. 
Ice cream creator Cooper Schmidt plans to take his product nationwide. His marketing team proposes the perfect destination for his next store. Unfortunately, it belongs to the father of the woman he’s harbored feelings for since high school. He uses her belief in myths and mails her the candy heart to entice her to Heather Ridge, in hopes she will convince her father to sell. 
There’s just one problem. After ten years, his old feelings tumble forward, stronger than ever, and Lyse has a decision to make—discover who has the candy heart companion or follow her heart.
Author of award-winning romantic suspense Band of Friends series, Cait Jarrod won Reader Choice Awards for best HEA (Happily Ever After), suspense, and Editor’s Choice.


Her heroes have been described as “every girl’s dreams,” the heroines as “strong, down-to-earth, and likable,” the secondary characters “hysterical.” The plots are “fast-paced, unpredictable and clever.”




In slow motion, she recognized what he would do. What she saw and what her mind perceived didn’t connect. His arms opened and wrapped around her. The “you’re crashing” vibe rushed forward in the form of a solid hard body and muscular arms. The embrace removed her anger, eradicated how upset she was with him, and eliminated the shock, just as it had done as a teen, just as he’d done when she was ten trapped in the room searching for her kitty. He soothed her. All the bad disappeared and vanished like a puff of smoke. At least her heart said so, and she allowed it a few moments of bliss, of forgiveness before she remembered her major organ didn’t rule anymore, her mind did.
She had one mission in Heather Ridge, nothing more, to find and meet her soul mate. Okay, yeah, that sounded crazy and didn’t make sense, but the FIND ME candy myth she could believe in, even understand, but not this. Not her arms gripping Coop tighter, not her face burying into his neck smelling his scent that made her eyes roll back into her head.
Hell’s bells, why did her body love pursuing him? Something ripped open inside her, like happiness, comfort, and fulfillment, though she couldn’t put a finger on exactly what. Whatever the feeling, it caused her to soak his shirt with her tears.
If she’d let herself admit the truth, she would confess she missed his touch more than she’d ever missed anything.
His body trembled. Having a quick hug was one thing, but crying over lost time she couldn’t handle. See, her heart didn’t rule. She eased away and wiped a hand under her nose.
Damn him, he didn’t let go. He slid a finger across her cheek. “My God, I’ve missed you.”
This close, she witnessed the compassion in his whiskey eyes reinforcing the tone of his sweet voice. If she’d seen them as a teen when he’d gently spoken, she would have melted, like she wanted to right now. Which she couldn’t do. “I’m mad at you.” He dropped his hand to his side, and she whimpered.
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