I very belatedly realized that my blogroll wasn’t actually, you know, showing up on the page, which is, you know, kind of the whole point of having one.

Well, that’s fixed nw, and I’ve added some people to it (not that you readers would know what I’ve added, since it was invisible to you until a few minutes ago!). 

anyway, the people on there are:

James Bow, who’s a published author and cool guy, and who once upon a time helped me get my previous blog set up.

Jennifer Povey, at Jennifer’s Den, who’s a good friend and also a published author, with her first novel coming out in April (we’ll talk about it more here when it’s released).

Martha Emms, who promotes indie authors (like me!) on her site, so obvsiously we like her.

Melissa Brodsky, who’s a friend on Goodreads and has a very cool site.

Joyce Strand at Strand’s Simply Tips, who also promotes indie authors, so we also like her.

Shanna Hatfield, who’s also an author, and who gave me plenty of advice on getting my books out into the world.

The Eleven Day Empire, which is my other (sadly neglected) blog focusing mostly on games of the tabletop roleplaying variety.

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