Blog Hop – Hot Encounters

Blog Hop – Hot Encounters

I’m participating in the weekly blog hop sponsored by the Book Boyfriends Cafe.  This week’s theme is “Hot Encounters”, and I’ve got one from book five of the Dream Series, WAKING DREAM.  To set the scene a bit, Sara and Brian have taken the family on a Christmas ski vacation with Sara’s best friend Beth and her family.  Sara and Brian were just about ready to enjoy some “alone time” together when a transformer blew somewhere outside, knocking out the power and waking up their kids…

It takes an hour to find candles, since the only flashlight in the chalet is the tiny light in my medical bag.  And of course, the moment we do get a few of them lit, the power comes back on.  Then it’s another hour cleaning and bandaging up everyone’s cuts and scrapes, and then getting the twins and Zach Jr. back to sleep.

Beth grabs my arm as I’m heading back to my room.  She whispers to me, “I can’t believe that.  We were just…”

“Us, too,” I say, and we collapse into giggles.  What else is there to do but laugh?  We stand there right outside my bedroom, laughing, for probably five minutes, until our respective husbands grab us and drag us away.

Once we’re in the room, Brian asks, “Do you have your light?”  I hold it up and wave it at him.  “Good,” he says, then he locks the door.  This time, I don’t feel uncomfortable at all about the idea.  Brian’s still staring at the door, and I have no idea what’s going through his mind until he drags a chair over and wedges it under the doorknob.  “Just to make sure.  I don’t care if the lights go out again, or the fire alarm goes off, or if aliens land outside the front door and demand we take them to our leader.  No interruptions.  Agreed?”

I go over to him, throw my arms around his neck, and give him a kiss that makes his knees buckle.  As he sinks down to the floor, carrying me with him, I say, as if I hadn’t already given my answer, “Agreed!”


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