Bits of News

Bits of News

A couple of updates this morning…

The books are featured today on Livia Ellis’ blog – check it out!

I’ll also be participating in the Virtual Book Fair tomorrow (that link goes to Facebook; you can also go here).

I’ve officially got a narrator to do an audio of at least Dream Student – the fantastic Heather Jane Hogan.  Once I have an audio sample, I’ll post it here.  We’re looking probably at mid-June for a finished product.

And finally, a little more progress on Book 5.  Here’s a quick excerpt…

“Grace, is something else bothering you?”

“How come you talk to me like that?”  I have no idea what she means.

“Like what?”

She blushes a little as she answers, “Like an adult.”

I don’t blurt out the first thing that comes to mind, which is “Why wouldn’t I?”  But that really is the answer.  That’s how my parents – mostly – treated me.  It’s the only way I know to treat my own kids.

A memory swims to the surface.  “I asked my parents the same thing once…”

…I don’t believe they’re really going to let me stay home by myself for a whole night.  They’re going to leave me here, no babysitter, no anything.  I don’t need a babysitter – I’m eleven years old, I can take care of myself just fine!  But none of my friends’ parents would let them stay home alone like this.  Not even Tammy down the street, and her parents let her get away with everything.

Dad’s staring at me.  He knows what I’m thinking – how does he always know?  Mom is already at the door, tapping her foot.  “We’re going to be late, Howard.”

“I think Sara’s got one last thing to ask us before we go, Betty,” he says.  Then he ruffles my hair and asks, “Don’t you, honey?”

“I’m not complaining,” I say quickly, “but – uh – why are you treating me like a grown-up?”

Dad looks over at Mom, then back at me.  They’re both smiling.  Dad laughs gently.  “How will you ever learn to be one if we don’t?”

…Grace is waiting for my answer.  “Sorry, I got lost there for a minute.”  I repeat Dad’s words to her and she gives me a big smile.

“Grandpa is pretty cool, isn’t he?”

“Yes, he is,” I agree, as I shoo her up to bed.

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