Another Preview for Fever Dream

Another Preview for Fever Dream

The new book int he Dream Series launches on May 22nd, but here’s another little excerpt from the book…

When I get to room 2, I see at a glance that Connie looks terrible.  She’s got no color at all.  She stares up at me, and I can read the question in her eyes.  I shake my head.  “We’ll take care of you, Connie.  We’ll have you home before you know it.”  I say it with a lot more confidence than I feel.  The little confidence I do have begins to fade when I check her vitals.  This is exactly how Michael’s were when he was brought in.  And two months after his death, I’m still no closer to knowing why he died.

On the plus side, Connie is an adult, with a stronger body to try and fight this – whatever it is – off.  Hopefully, that’ll be worth something.  “She’s been like this all weekend, Doctor,” Julia says, and it’s only now that I take notice of her.  She’s the spitting image of her mother – just like I am of mine.

“Do you know when it started?”

Julia answers me.  “I noticed Saturday morning she was looking really tired, all day long.”

“Thursday,” Connie pipes up, barely louder than a whisper.  “Thought it was a cold.  Thought it would go away on its own.”

That’s exactly what we all thought about Michael’s illness, at first.  And we – I – wasted a day before sending out tests to try and track down what was wrong with him.  Not this time.  “Monica, let’s get a full panel on her.  The works.”  While she begins to prep Connie to draw blood, I fill out the sheet authorizing the tests, and I check just about every box.

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