Across the Universe Book Tours – Blind Dating by Kerry Taylor

Across the Universe Book Tours – Blind Dating by Kerry Taylor



I’m happy to be hosting a stop on the book tour for Kerry Taylor’s “Blind Daring” (organized by Penelope Bartotto’s Across the Universe Book Tours).

And heee’s our author for today, Kerry Taylor



A single mom of three living in Madrid, Kerry Taylor has been through many tugs-of-war in her life – from being stalked and abused to separated from her estranged husband – all while expressing her life through writing in different forms.

She has released a series of autobiographies in the form of short stories and poetry: Stones of My Heart, Life’s Pebbles, Emotional Rollercoaster of a Single Mom, and Gravels of Moments.

You can find Kerry at her blog, Goodreads and Smashwords.  Here’s an interview with Kerry:

Kimberly seems to share more than a few similarities with you.  How are the two of you different?
Kimberly is shy wheras I am outspoken.  She lacks confidence, as opposed to me, who at times has too much confidence.  Fundamentally, I am an optimist, Kimberley is more of a pessimist, she expect things to go badly.
The plot of two lovers forming a relationship online and not realizing they know each other in real life as well was done in “You’ve Got Mail” (Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks), “In The Good Old Summertime” (Judy Garland and Van Johnson) and “The Shop Around the Corner” (Margaret Sullivan and Jimmy Stewart).  Which actress is Kimberly the most like?  Which actor is Michael most like?
Kimberley is more like Meg Ryan, but with children and I think Michael is like Van Johnson.
Being raised in London and now living in Madrid, did you have any difficulty writing a book set in the United States?
Yes, I did especially the vocabulary.  I have visited the States a few times, but I have never been to Seattle.
What’s your favorite scene in the book?
The ending, when they finally meet.
What was the hardest scene to write?
Kimberley and Brett.  It was difficult to introduce a man into the scene without her losing the main online dating character.
Will we be seeing more about Kimberly in the future?
Several fans have written to me to ask that question, requesting a Blind Dating 2.  If there are  more requests then I may crack my brain and come out with a plan for Kimberley.


And about her book…it’s called “Blind Dating:



A light-hearted, funny romantic comedy – perfect for fans of Hilary Boyd, Christina Lauren, Lindsey Kelk, Deborah Cooke, Claire Cross, and Jill Mansell.

When mid-forties, divorced, single-mother-of-three, Kimberly, realizes her own mother has more of a life than she does, she decides to do something about it. Encouraged by success stories from people at work, she joins a dating chat room, ICQ, which starts to rock her world.

All of a sudden she’s a swinging single, online, with extreme dates, a little dirty talk, and a sense of her new, sexy self— until that fateful moment when her long-time chat-room buddy, LonelySingle, wants to meet.

“Are you trying to find a man on Facelook?” her Mom questions, after years of being told it is Facebook!

What if he doesn’t like her?

What if she doesn’t like him?

These are the thoughts, inside her head. Until they meet and realise, that they have been friends offline as well as online!

What happens next?

A light-hearted, romantic comedy about a single mom finding true love, which was right before her eyes.

And here’s a brief excerpt…

OK, I am going to look for the piece of paper Pamela wrote the website on and if I cannot find it, then I will simply ask her. I do not want to ask her face-to-face. Actually, I do not want to ask her.

“Kimberly, are you listening?” My boss is calling me.

“Can you come to my office, please?”

“Sure,” I reply.

I go into his office with my notepad and pen, ready to take notes. Then, he asks me the oddest question in the world: “Do you think I am attractive?”

“Not sure how to respond to this one,” I reply.

I know there is one of two ways; if I say no, he will feel rejected. If I say yes, it will be a lie.

I reply, “Sure some ladies out there would find you attractive.”

He asks, “So, do you think I am attractive?”

That is the wrong question next to:

How old do you think I am?

Do you think I am fat?

Do you think I am short?

Why do people insist in asking such questions – and always to me!

The phone rings; I am so relieved. I wanted the floor to take me up and suck me before. But now I am thinking and looking at him, realising for the first time in eight years, I have never looked at this man. My mom asked me if Derek was single, and the reply is yes, but I have never thought of him as anything else but my boss, and I keep it that way.

You can buy it at Amazon, the Apple iBook store, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and CreateSpace.


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