A sign from Heaven (or at least the mailman)?

A sign from Heaven (or at least the mailman)?

So I think this has to be some sort of good omen for my books. In the mail last night, I got something from my alma mater, Case Western Reserve University.

That’s not really out of the ordinary. But what IS, is that it’s about the medical school, which I have no connection to whatsoever. And what makes it doubly odd is the subject. It’s an invitation to an event at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

What does that have to do with anything? Well, if you’ve read “Dream Doctor” (or at least read my endless blathering about it here and elsewhere), you know that my heroine, Sara, attended medical school at “Crewe University”, which is basically Case Western with the names slighly changed. And if you’ve read the book after that in the series, “Dream Child,” you know that Sara does her residency at – you guessed it – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Is this a sign that the books are going to really take off (hopefully some time in the near future)? Am I going to be seeing sales in the tens or hundreds instead of one at a time? Will the Hallmark Movie Channel be contacting me with offers and five-figure (or even low six-figure checks)?

Or was it just completely random? I know what I’m hoping for!

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