A Sale, A Sale, My Kingdom for a Sale!

A Sale, A Sale, My Kingdom for a Sale!

Sure, why not!  And all the better if you’ve popped over here from the weekly Book Hooks blog hop!

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Since you’re here, let me try to get you hooked on DREAM CHILD, the third book in my Dream Series, and a book that’s on sale this week for just $0.99!

Someone’s shaking my shoulders, yelling right in my face. “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”
My eyes open, and I’m instantly wide awake when I see the panic in the face of my daughter. I
throw my arms around her and hug her to me. “It’s OK, Lizzie. Mommy’s here. You’re safe,” I say with a calm I definitely don’t feel.

“I had another funny dream!” Oh, God. I – I remember now, I did, too. But that’s not important,
it can wait.  I keep holding Lizzie as tightly as I can. “Can you be brave again, like before? Tell Mommy all about it?”

She has to think about that. I don’t blame her – I don’t feel especially brave right now myself.
But she finds her courage, takes a deep breath and launches straight into what she saw: “Billy, Billy from the train, he was in his bedroom. He has a big model airplane, like how Uncle Bob makes. And he was on his bed and his door was shut, but his mommy and daddy were yelling, I could hear them through the door. Billy was crying. He was really sad! I couldn’t hear what they were saying, ‘cept it was bad, ‘cause they were both yelling and they sounded really mad.”

She stops and looks up at me, with a fear in her eyes that I’ve never seen there before. I know
exactly what she’s going to ask me. “Mommy, do you and Daddy…?”

Thank God, no. We rarely fight, and it’s funny – the worst one we ever did have was all whispers instead of shouts. “No, honey. We don’t yell like that at each other. Some – uh, some grown-ups do, but your Daddy and I love each other very much, and we would never be like that. And you know what? We love you, too.”

Lizzie accepts that; I think she already knew it, but she wanted to be reassured. “I’m glad,
Mommy. They were yelling really loud. It was bad and Billy was crying and I wanted them to stop, and I tried to open the door and go tell them to be quiet ‘cause Billy was so sad and crying, but then I woke up.”

To my surprise, Lizzie is holding back tears, but it’s clearly taking a lot of effort. I am so proud of her – I kiss her forehead, squeeze her tight. “You are such a wonderful girl,” I tell her.  “You have such a big heart. I’m – I don’t even know what to say.” I’d love to think that she’s this way because of what she’s learned from Brian and me, but we can’t take credit for it. It’s been inside her from the start.

“I wanna help Billy! You said if I had a funny dream, what I saw is true. That means – that means Billy is all sad and scared for real!”

“I want to help him too, Lizzie. And you know what? We will. We’ll figure out together how to help him so he’s not sad anymore. What do you think?”



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3 Replies to “A Sale, A Sale, My Kingdom for a Sale!”

    1. Thanks! That’s the dilemma all through the book. It was actually a lot of fun to write – Lizzie really took over the whole story, which I wasn’t expecting at the outset.

  1. Like Firestarter, I love stories where it’s the child who possesses the paranormal ability, and they don’t fully understand their power, what it means or how to control it. Great premise. Sounds like an exciting book.

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