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Jan 18

Reading in Public – “Winter’s Tale” (part 4, chapter 7 – “For the Soldiers and Sailors of Chelsea”)

Sorry for the long, long delay Anyway, we’re here, so let’s get moving!  If you want to catch up with the previous chapters, they’re all here: Links to All Chapters We’re in the final sprint to the end now, and we open this (short-ish) chapter with Harry Penn.  He’s thinking deep thoughts, as someone in …

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Feb 09

Reading in Public – “Winter’s Tale” (part 4, chapter 6 – “Ex Machina”)

Onwards to the climax of “Winter’s Tale” – we’re down to the last four chapters.  This chapter’s title is a play on the phrase “Deus ex Machina”, but Helprin has edited that down.  Instead of “God from the machine” (an ending in which something completely out of the blue happens to resolve the story – …

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Feb 06

Reading in Public – “Winter’s Tale” (part 4, chapter 5 – “Abysmillard Redux”)

We’ve got one more short chapter before Helprin really puts his foot on the accelerator and doesn’t let up for the remainder of the book. We open with Craig Binky, who’s in poor spirits.  Praeger de Pinto turned on him during the recently-ended mayoral campaign.  He still has no idea what’s int he giant ship out …

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Feb 03

Reading in Public – “Winter’s Tale” (part 4, chapter 4 – “The White Dog of Afghanistan”)

When we left off, Praeger de Pinto had just clinched the election for Mayor of New York.  We pick up the story soon after, with Peter Lake.  He seems to be doing better; the fact that the man for whom he cast a dozen votes won the election makes him feel “like a power broker”. …

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Jan 29

Reading in Public – “Winter’s Tale” (part 4, chapter 3 – “White Horse and Dark Horse”)

We open right where we left off in the previous chapter, and we pay a visit to Athansor, still toiling away in his mill deep in the city of the poor.  He’s been at it for over a year and he had lost his sense of time and come to believe that he was winding …

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Jan 26

Reading in Public – “Winter’s Tale” (part 4, chapter 2 – “Battery Bridge”)

Before I go any further, I want to take a step back and follow up on something I mentioned at the end of the last post.  I referenced Wagner and specifically “Gotterdammerung”.  I think every reader brings their own experiences and their own likes, dislikes (and maybe obsessions) to a new book, and can’t help …

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Jan 13

Reading in Public – “Winter’s Tale” (part 4, chapter 1 – “A Very Short History of the Clouds”)

We’re into the home stretch now (although there’s still about 1/3 of the book to go – we’ve got some VERY long chapters coming up), and Helprin again starts us off with a prologue of sorts, a step back, as he did before jumping into the action of the previous parts. We get a very …

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Jan 09

Reading in Public – “Winter’s Tale” (part 3, chapter 6 – “The Machine Age”)

We’ve come to the end of Part Three, and quite a few questions are going to be answered.  What’s the huge ship carrying?  Who does it belong to?  What has Peter Lake been up to since his return?  What’s going to happen when, as the last chapter promised, New York City begins to come alive? …

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Jan 02

Reading in Public – “Winter’s Tale” (part 3, chapter 5 – “An Early Summer Dinner at Petipas”)

This is a short chapter, with only one scene, and yet it’s hugely important.  So without further ado, onwards! We join a group of Sun employees, including the senior management, at one of their favorite restaurants for an early-evening dinner (unlike some of Helprin’s chapter titles, this one is about as direct and to the …

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Dec 29

Reading in Public – “Winter’s Tale” (part 3, chapter 4 – “…and The Ghost”)

Onwards, with one more chapter of background, backstory and explanation.  This one is a lot of fun – a dive deep into the mind of Craig Binky, editor and publisher of the New York Ghost.  You know what you’re in for when the first sentence of the chapter reads: Look, there is no sane, organized …

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