Betty & Howard’s Excellent Adventure

Betty & Howard’s Excellent Adventure

Betty & Howard Cover (Full Size)


A Christmas gift for fans of the Dream Series…

Just in time for the holidays – spend your vacation with Betty and Howard Barnes as they go on a “dream” European trip.

You’ll see a whole new side to two of the unsung heroes of the Dream Series in this fun and lighthearted romantic adventure…

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I’m sure I’ve told you this, but you’ve probably forgotten – “King Solomon’s Mines” was the first movie I ever saw.  I was six years old, and it was the most amazing, thrilling thing imaginable.  For weeks afterwards, I had dreams almost every night about it.  I was always Allan Quartermain’s clever, plucky daughter, right next to him exploring dark jungles, escaping from stampeding elephants, sneaking through booby-trapped ancient temples and fighting it out with bandits and tomb-robbers.

I saw it again when I was sixteen, and I had dreams for weeks afterwards then, too.  But I wasn’t Allan Quartermain’s daughter anymore.  Do I need to say anything more?  I’m sure you can guess what those dreams were like.  And, to tell you the truth, I still have them every so often.  Sometimes Howard is Allan Quartermain – but sometimes it’s Stewart Granger.  What can I say?  You never forget your first…never mind, I’m getting off track here.  I’m just glad Howard’s asleep and he can’t see how red I am right now.

Anyway, I suppose I was just enthralled by the idea of archaeology, even though there was a distinct lack of ancient temples, stampeding elephants and bandits in the article.  It was still fascinating, and the most fascinating thing was that they welcomed volunteers – regular, average untrained people could come and dig with them…

Listen to a sample from the audiobook (narrated by Doctor Who star Nicola Bryant!)


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