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The “Dream” series

The “Dream” series is ten complete novels and a collection of short stories as well.  You can listen to a Blog Talk Radio interview about the books (mainly Dream Student) here. The books follow the adventures of Sara Barnes, who as the first book opens has just discovered that she can see into other people’s dreams (hence …

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The Jane Barnaby Adventures

The Jane Barnaby Adventures is my newest series, with the first book, FINDERS KEEPERS, coming on March 29th! Jane is an archaeology student at Oxford, who finds herself swept up in adventures she never imagined.  We actually met her in the Dream Series; she’s a classmate of Sara’s in DREAM STUDENT, and she’s mentioned in …

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Buy Signed Paperback Copies!

Buy a signed paperback copy of the Dream Series novel of your choice (or my new novel, FINDERS KEEPERS)!  Or, you can buy a USB flash drive with all the Dream Series novels pre-loaded on it (includes all the books in Kindle, ePub and PDF formats, as well as bonus materials). Shipping within the Continental …

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  1. Sharon Simpson

    I have read all the dream books and tried to sign up on your mailing list but kept. Getting error message
    Can I do it this way please
    Many thanks

    1. James DiBenedetto

      Sure! I’ll sign you up!

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