Latest News

Latest News

Here’s all the latest news on the Dream Series.  Check here frequently!


The audiobook for HER BROTHER’S KEEPER is available for sale now!.  I am again working with the amazing Cait Frizzell.  You can hear a sample below, and you can buy it on Audible RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!


(updated January 25, 2017)





The new book will be out January 31, 2017, and it’s up for pre-order NOW!

Amazon pre-order

Other retailers pre-order

Here’s the semi-official blurb:

Jane Barnaby thought she’d planned the perfect Christmas vacation.  She’d invited her father and his fiancé to join her in Spain at her archaeological dig.  They’d see her work, meet her mentor and enjoy a few days of sunny Mediterranean beaches in the dead of winter.  What could go wrong?

Her annoying brother tagging along, and then landing in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, for one thing.

To clear her brother’s name and make her vacation perfect again, all Jane has to do is chase the mystery woman who set her brother up across Europe, find her in a dangerous and unfamiliar city and deal with her accomplices.  Oh, and outwit an ex-KGB agent and his personal goon squad, too.

It’s going to be an exciting and action-packed Christmas for Jane, whether she wants it or not!

(updated 12/19/16)





The audiobook for LOSERS WEEPERS is on sale now!  You can buy it right now on AUDIBLE (and on Amazon and iTunes as well!)


(updated 10/10/16)




Check out the new video book trailer for DREAM CHILD!









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