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Book Tour – “Malt Me” by D.L. Gallie

Book Tour – “Malt Me” by D.L. Gallie

Title: Malt Me
Author: DL Gallie
Genre: Romantic Suspense
They look at me with pity.
They treat me like I’m broken, made of glass.
One wrong move and I’ll shatter, never to be mended again.
But they’re wrong, I survived.
I won’t let him or anyone ruin my life.
I refuse to let them win.
I am Mackenzie Merlot. I am strong. I am a survivor.
Beer: it’s all I ever loved.
It’s all I ever thought about until she came crashing into my life; literally.
I missed my chance at the beginning, but now that I have her, I will do anything for her and our dream; but I failed.
I’m Jordan McRoberts; I will do anything to make sure she gets her happily ever after. 
DL Gallie is from Queensland, Australia, but she’s lived in many different places all over the world, including the UK and Canada. She currently resides in Central Queensland with her husband and two munchkins. She and her husband have been together since she was sixteen, and although they drive each other crazy at times, she couldn’t imagine her life without him.
Shortly after her son was born, DL began reading again. With encouragement from her husband, she picked up the pen and started writing, and now the voices in her head won’t shut up.
DL enjoys listening to music, drinking white wine in the summer, red wine in the winter, and beer all year round. She’s also never been known to turn down a cocktail, especially a margarita.
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Audiobook Madness!

Audiobook Madness!

Audible is running all kinds of specials this week, so I figured it’s a good time to remind y’all about my own audiobooks, since with all the cool stuff Audible’s doing, there won’t be a better time to get them…

The best deal I’ve got is my box sets.  You can get three – yes, THREE – audiobooks all together for the price of one.  Either the first three Dream Doctor Mysteries, or all three of the Jane Barnaby Adventures to date, collected in one Audible box set!

On the other hand, if you want to listen to something shorter, I’ve got you covered there, too!   You can get Betty & Howard’s Excellent Adventure, a short story set during the Dream Doctor Mysteries, and narrated by Doctor Who star Nicole Bryant, or the romance novella Finding Dori, which I think you’ll love, too!

You can also get the rest of the Dream Doctor Mysteries – each and every book is on Audible!
Dream Family
Waking Dream
Dream Reunion
Dream Home
Dream Vacation
Fever Dream
Dream Wedding

And remember, you can follow me all over the Interwebs…

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Book Tour – “Trouble in Bliss” by Rebecca Aires

Book Tour – “Trouble in Bliss” by Rebecca Aires



Author Bio
Rebecca Airies has always loved to read. Futuristic, the classics, mystery, horror and of course romance from sweet to extra spicy–the genre doesnt matter as long as the stories capture her interest and take her on an adventure. She soon discovered a love for writing and characters just waiting to tell their stories. Since that time, writing has become an obsession.
Rebecca lives in Abilene, Texas. She loves the outdoors, growing things, and working on
crafts when she
s not lost in the worlds of her characters.
Authors Social Media links
My New Release


After years away,
Violet Collins returned to her hometown of Alden Glen. An Aelfir with an
affinity for gems, she’s ready to start rebuilding her life. When she meets
hunky Theron McDonal, she thinks things might be getting on the right track.
Theron McDonal,
an ex-Hunter with a metal affinity, came to Alden Glen to help stop the forces
threatening the town. Strange disappearances, attacks, it adds up to danger for
the townspeople. But he discovers a little piece of bliss among the chaos.
Violet’s gorgeous, welcoming, and the attraction between them is hot enough to
burn down the town.
When danger comes
to Alden Glen, they’ll have to uncover a longheld, secret grudge or the town
could be torn apart. Can they survive and claim a future together?
Barnes and noble
Books 2 Read universal


Google Play



“I want to say I’m sorry and offer you an explanation. My reaction had nothing to do with you or your invitation. Honestly, I didn’t think I had anything to offer anyone, not even a lunch.” Theron grimaced. With the threat of his life ending in meer days or weeks, there hadn’t been much hope. “I’m Theron McDonal. I’m new in town and I’d like to take you to lunch.”

She frowned and tilted her head to the side. “You didn’t think you had anything to offer. That means something’s changed. Don’t think I missed that you said you wanted to say you’re sorry, but didn’t actually say it.”

A bright green shirt molded to the gentle curves of her breasts. Light blue jeans encased long legs. Would they be toned and sleek like her arms were?

“Something’s changed. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have been that blunt, but hell, I hadn’t even talked about what was going on with me with the men I work with, although I think some of them noticed.” He took a step forward. Specifics could wait. If something came of this lunch, then he’d try to make her understand.

She stared at him. “You were hiding it from them. Since it’s something you hiding from your friends, it’s probably personal. I don’t expect you to give me details. Tell me what’s changed so much that you want to have lunch with me. Why should I believe that you won’t go all blunt and rude while we’re eating?”

“Everything’s changed. Now, I know there’s hope and I can build a future. Second, I can’t offer you anything you’d probably believe after the way I acted, but you could consider letting me take you out as a way for me to make it up to you. You pick the place and I’ll buy the meal.” He smiled. At least, she hadn’t blown him off.

She was a gorgeous woman. It was the vibrancy in her that drew him though. Was she always that way? Her eyes sparkled and she almost hummed with energy, as if willing to take on anything.

She grinned. “You do know how to make a woman curious. I can’t ask any questions about it because that would be prying. You can take me to lunch. There’s a nice restaurant in town. It’s one frequented by the locals when they want to get out.”

“Great. Did you want to meet me there or can I give you a ride?” He asked.

“I’ll meet you there. Let me give you the address. It shouldn’t take me more than ten minutes to get there. There’s one stop I have to make. I said I’d do it now, but it’s just a drop off. I won’t keep you waiting.” She gave a nod. She pulled a notepad from her purse and scribbled an address on a piece of paper.

He took it and watched as she left. Her hips swayed back and forth in a seductive rhythm. What would that round ass feel like pressed up against him?









Barnes and noble




Books 2 Read universal




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Welcome to the Dream Doctor Mysteries!

Welcome to the Dream Doctor Mysteries!











Welcome to the brand-new Dream Doctor Mysteries!  I’ve re-launched all my books, and I’m thrilled by how they’ve turned out.  I hope you will be, too!


The series now begins with Dream Doctor.   Sara’s about to be married, and ready to start her first year of medical school…but her supernatural dreams are starting up again, too.  Everyone around her seems to be dreaming about the same thing – killing one of her teachers.  Now, Sara has to figure out who’s just dreaming of a harmless revenge fantasy, and who’s really trying to kill him.  Which would be a lot easier if Sara didn’t hate him, too…

Dream Doctor is on sale for just $0.99, and it’s also available (as are all the other books in the series) in paperback, and as a professionally-narrated Audible audiobook!





If you want to see how it all began, the FREE prequel novel Dream Student is for you!  We meet Sara back in college, before she met her fiance, and before she had any idea that her supernatural dreams actually were supernatural.

I’m staring at my clock radio.  According to the big green digital numbers, it’s exactly 3:14 AM.  I think it might be off by a minute or two, but that’s not really the point.  The point is that I’m awake to know it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 3:14 AM.

This is not by choice.  Actually, it sort of is, I guess.  I’m awake because I don’t want to fall asleep.  And why I don’t want to fall asleep?  It’s a fair question I’d ask if it were someone else.

The answer sounds stupid, even to me.   If I’m honest, I have to admit I’m just being a baby about this.  I don’t want to fall asleep because of the dreams I’ve been having.  “Nightmares” is a better word.  I don’t think even that really gets the point across, though.  Is there a word for dreams that are worse than nightmares?  There should be…









You can hear free samples from the audiobook editions of all the books on Soundcloud.  And you can watch the video book trailers for the Dream Doctor Mysteries on YouTube!

If you want to see how much Sara changes over the series (the books cover 25 years of her life!), take a look at this fantastic illustration I had commissioned…















And if you want to know more about me, well, I’m a marketing professional by day (you’d think that would help me selling these books, wouldn’t you?), a lifelong New York Giants fanatic, anopera devotee, a huge sci-fi and fantasy nerd, and my wife and I are in the process of being trained by our cat, Danny.













You can follow me at my website, on Facebook, on Twitter, at my Amazon author page, and on Goodreads!


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Author Spotlight – Donna Crow and “A Lethal Spectre” #MysteryExchange

Author Spotlight – Donna Crow and “A Lethal Spectre” #MysteryExchange

A Lethal Spectre on #Mystery Exchange

A Lethal Spectre, Lord Danvers Investigates, Book 5, a Victorian True-crime mystery
The elegance of a London season and the atrocities of an Indian mutiny woven into an intricate tapestry

Antonia and Charles are swept up in the glittering swirl of a London season as they present Aunt Aelfrida’s ward to society. In India Antonia’s closest girlhood friend is caught in the most brutal massacre ‘in the book of time’. What could these disparate events have to do with murders in London and Brighton? This engrossing story comes to life with all the vivid historical detail readers expect from Donna Fletcher Crow.

“A stunning contrast between the dramas and machinations of fashionable London life and the unfurling of an unthinkable tragedy. A story of lights and shadows, all impeccably well researched and realised.”
~Linda Stratmann, author of The Frances Doughty Mysteries




Chapter 1

It was only midmorning and already the heat was stifling. Hot wind seared and scorching sun radiated from the walls of the barracks behind them. The acrid smell of the buildings of the cantonment beyond, now reduced to black smoldering rubble—all their homes and possessions—stung every nose. Emilia Landry stood among the women and children who had been called from their homes in the civilian cantonment and gathered into the military entrenchment on the orders of General Wheeler.
They had been here a week now, hoping for the best; but fearing the worst. No attack had come on the entrenchment, but mutinous sepoys and vandals had ransacked the city, burned the officers’ bungalows in the new cantonment, and, disastrously, seized the magazine where the army treasury, ammunitions and heavy guns were stored.
Emilia closed her eyes against the sight of the black smoke, and saw in her mind the pleasant bungalow she had occupied with her friend Louisa Chalwin and Louisa’s veterinarian husband Edwin. Louisa had planted a lovely garden, complete with English roses that bloomed undaunted in the Indian summer. A magnificent old banyan tree shaded a summer house where Emilia loved to sit and read in the mornings and take tea in the afternoons. All a blackened rubble now.
They had been hearing dire reports for weeks. Revolt of the native troops at Meerut. Then at Delhi. And riots at Lucknow, only some sixty miles to the northeast. But no apprehension had been felt of treachery on the part of their own troops at Cawnpore.
This morning, however, Sunday morning, the seventh of June, Sir Hugh Wheeler, commanding general at Cawnpore, had received a letter from the Nana Sahib, declaring his intention of attacking.
Now everyone on the verandah of the barracks held their breath, as all in the entrenchment seemed to do. The tension of the soldiers, posted with leveled rifles around the circumference of the barricading mud wall, communicated itself to every person.
The mewling of a baby born only a few hours before vibrated on the air. The cry was cut off by the boom of a cannon. Women shrieked; children wailed as the ball struck the barrack behind them.
A bugle call split the air, sounding above the mayhem. The crack of shot was deafening as hundreds of rifles responded. The mutiny had come to Cawnpore.

A moan tore from deep in her throat and Lady Antonia Danvers sat up sharply. She was drenched in sweat, even though the early June night was cold in London. Tonia reached for the carafe of water by her bed and filled a glass to relieve her parched throat. What had she dreamed? How could such vivid horror have come from her own imagination?
She crossed the room and, pushing the heavy drapery aside, raised the sash on her window, letting a fresh breeze bathe her face. She breathed deeply of the blessed, moist air. Still unsettled from the terrors of her dream, Antonia returned to bed. The sky had lightened to silver, however, and the first notes of the dawn chorus rang in the garden before Tonia returned to an uneasy sleep.
She wakened far too late to share her morning tea with her husband as was their custom. When she inquired of her maid she was informed that her lord would be out for the day, involved with his man of business and taking dinner at his club. She would have no opportunity to discuss the nightmare with Charles, although the phantom spectre continued to follow her.

Available on Amazon 

Donna Fletcher Crow is a lifelong Anglophile with a special love for the Victorians, especially their energy, confidence and creativity. She is a former English teacher and the author of 50 books, mostly novels of British history, including the award-winning Arthurian epic, Glastonbury, The Novel of Christian England. She currently authors three mystery series: The Monastery Murders; Elizabeth and Richard Literary Suspense; and Lord Danvers Investigates, Victorian true-crime.


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Book Tour – “Not Always a Bridesmaid” anthology

Book Tour – “Not Always a Bridesmaid” anthology

4 Stories about Love, Laughter, and
Wedding Disasters.

The plot kept me captivated as a budding romance develops between Chasen and Skye, who seem to have the same vision and goals in life. I found the dialog to be open, honest and heartwarming and a few lines to melt the heart. “It looks like your journey brought you love.” “If you dream together, then it’s a reality.

I enjoyed this fast pace wedding novella with interesting characters. The plot kept the pages turning, and the dialog was entertaining. What happens when the wedding planner and her fiancé have a difference of opinion? A wedding is a girls dream, and she knows what she wants, but what if the groom is trying to rush things?

The Professional Bridesmaid
To help three co-workers coordinate their weddings, Skye Wilson must act as a bridesmaid for them. Skye dreams of becoming a wedding planner and needs to start somewhere and reluctantly agrees. Just when the wedding arrangements and her plans started going wrong, she meets Chasen Dantrell, a handsome limousine driver.
Chasen has a growing limo business. He loves his job but the long hours of waiting by himself wear on him. That is until a cute, blue-eyed bridesmaid named Skye stumbles his way.
As their two worlds become more and more entwined with each wedding they work, Skye wonders if she’ll ever be a bride and would it be Chasen at the end of the aisle with a ring?
The Undecided Bride
When Steven, the man of Bridgette North dreams, proposes she automatically says yes until her fiancé’s constant pressure for a speedy wedding has her questioning his motives and love. Now she is undecided whether she wants to marry him.
Mason is hired to trick Bridgette into marrying Steven quickly to ensure a promotion but ends up falling head-over-heels in love instead.
Can Mason explain his deceit and still win her heart?
And will Bridgette be willing to risk her heart one more time?
Red, White, and Bridesmaid
Jess Caldwell is the third in line to wear the mistletoe headband until she’s kissed. But it’s her best friend Kara’s wedding, Jess needs to keep her mind on designing the flowers and not on the fact that Kara’s older brother, Darrin, who she’s had a crush on for years will be there.
Darrin’s happy to be moving home, and what is even more of a pleasant surprise is seeing her again. Jess isn’t the geeky girl he remembered when he left. But after all the mean things he said in the past, will she give him another chance?
When things at the wedding go wrong, more than fireworks fly for this 4th of July wedding.
Will love be in the air?
The Reluctant Bride
Penelope Moore’s last boyfriend had no qualms about cheating even after he professed his undying love. As a wedding event planner Penelope has seen plenty of happily-ever-after. But with her terrible luck in the relationship department, she is reluctant to believe it will ever happen to her.
Ferguson enjoyed the freedom of bachelorhood until he met his last girlfriend. He considered her the love of his life until she betrayed him. Without his consent, she used his professional experience and knowledge as a private investigator to write and publish a best-selling novel. Ferguson couldn’t forgive her underhanded deceit and ended their relationship.
When Ferguson meets Penelope he is once again willing to risk his heart, but Penelope isn’t as trusting. Just when he is beginning to win the beautiful event planner’s heart, his ex-girlfriend arrives in town and causes heartache all over again.
Can Penelope and Ferguson trust each other and their hearts enough to get their happily-ever-after?

Available now on multiple platforms in eBook and paperback.

Coming soon in audio and foreign language translations.



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Book Tour – “True” by Ann Everett

Book Tour – “True” by Ann Everett

A Bluebird, Texas Romance
by Ann Everett

Ann is giving away five awesome prize packages. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Remember you may enter every day for your chance to win one of the prize packages. You may find the tour locations here

About True:

Sometimes it takes losing everything…

True Shanahan must be the unluckiest woman in the world. Either that or she’s cursed. After another failed relationship, True leaves Dallas with a broken heart and new attitude. It’s time to walk on the wild side. But when she makes a wrong turn and ends up in Bluebird, Texas, the only man she wants is anything but reckless.

…to find all you’ve ever wanted.

Ritter Malone is the town’s favorite son and has the local hero awards to prove it. Seems he’s always in the right place at the right time. But when he crosses paths with True, his life takes a turn he never sees coming. Her songwriting skills may be questionable, but her ability to turn him inside out is indisputable.
Welcome to Bluebird, Texas.

Where a chance meeting gives two people a chance at love.

Amazon Buy Link

When Ritter arrived at the gym, he spotted Cole jumping rope. He stopped and glanced at the wall clock. “You’re late. Roommate didn’t have you tied up, did she?”
“Very funny. We got a dog. Stayed up playing with him. I hit the snooze one time too many.”
Cole ran a towel over his face, then his lips curled. “That’s not good.”
“What? Getting a puppy?”
“Naw. The we in that sentence sounds like a contract extension.”
Ritter stretched. “I won’t lie. I’ve gone home to an empty house so long, thought having someone there would drive me nuts, but it hasn’t—for the most part.”
Cole stepped on the nearest treadmill, turned it on, and ran a steady pace. “I gotta hand it to you. You’ve managed to sleep with her and keep your hands to yourself. Or have you?”
Ritter climbed onto the machine next to Cole’s and matched his stride. No need to confess he hadn’t exactly resisted, but he’d not passed second base—by much. Had it not been for the phone call, he would have hit a home run. He’d had the wood for it. “No.”
“Come on. No way you haven’t hit that. Especially after what you told me about her coming on to you.”
“That’s why I can’t let her stay. My resistance is wearing thin.”
Ritter and Cole’s phones sounded a text at the same time. Ritter read his, then shot Cole a look. “Turns out, we’re off this afternoon.”
Cole dropped his cell back into the cupholder. “I’ve never been to New Jersey. You?”
“Nope but looks like the storm is calling us there.”
Submit your name choices via comment Ann’s blog post, to her email ann.everett @rocketmail. com. (without spaces)
About the Author:
Award winning author, Ann Everett embraces her small town upbringing and thinks Texans are some of the funniest people on earth. When speaking to writing groups, businesses, book clubs, and non-profit organizations, she incorporates her special brand of wit, making her programs on marketing, self-publishing, and the benefits of laughter, informative and fun.
Social Links:
We’ve also got an interview with Ann!

Who is your favorite author?

I love everything written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jennifer Crusie. Their stories inspired me to write multiple storylines. In my most recent Bluebird, Texas Romance series, each book has three romances going on at the same time.

How do you describe your writing style?

Sass, Sizzle, Suspense~~Texas Style.

Why should we read your books?

Entertainment. I’d hope you’d get a few laughs, and if you enjoy steamy romance, all the better.

Have any of your characters been modelled after yourself?

Every female character will have a little bit of me in her, and every hero will have a little bit of my husband.

If you could exchange lives with any of your characters for a day which character would you choose and why?

Probably Rance, from Chirp. I think I’d enjoy being a real bad boy for a day. Plus, it’d be nice not to have to stand in line at a women’s restroom!! Guys never have to do that.

What books have most influenced your life?

On a deep level, I’m not sure any have.

If you could select one book that you could rewrite and add your own unique twist on, which book would that be and why?

This is a hard question. Since I’m a top reviewer on a major writing website, on a daily basis I suggest changes for the books I’m reading there. In a way, that’s like offering a twist/change to their writing. For a book that’s already published, I’d have to say…no one. I wouldn’t presume to know more about their story than they do.

Beatles or Monkees? Why?

Again, hard question. I’ll answer as my younger self. I have to go with the Monkees because I thought Davey Jones was soooooo cute.

Who should play you in a film of your life?

Sandra Bullock. She and I both have dark hair and brown eyes, and she’s lived in Texas long enough to understand how weird we are.


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Author Spotlight – Kris Bock

Author Spotlight – Kris Bock

Tell our readers a little about yourself and your writing.
Twentyyears ago, I started writing for children, using the name Chris Eboch. I have
eight middle grade novels (for ages 9 to 12) published under that name. I also
write a lot of educational nonfiction under the name MM Eboch.
Around 2008, I was starting to feel restless and wanted a change. I realized I had mostly been reading adult romantic suspense novels, so I started writing those under the name Kris Bock. The Mad Monk’s Treasure follows the hunt for a long-lost treasure in the New Mexico desert. In The Dead Man’s Treasure, estranged relatives compete to reach a buried treasure by following a series of complex clues. Whispers in the Dark features archaeology and intrigue among ancient Southwest ruins. In Counterfeits, stolen Rembrandt paintings bring danger to a small New Mexico town.
So I have over 50 published books now, but that includes fiction and nonfiction,
for children and adults. The variety keeps me interested!

Tell me something unusual that isn’t in your regular bio.

My first clear childhood memories are from Saudi Arabia. We moved there just
before my fifth birthday and lived in an American camp for six years while my
father worked for the oil company. My classmates were mostly American, but I
had friends from Britain, India, and Pakistan. My family camped in the desertand shopped in the nearby Arab town. Santa visited on a camel.
Despite taking daily life for granted, I learned early that the whole world was not
like my neighborhood. We skied in Austria, went on safari in Africa, slept on a
houseboat in Kashmir. I have no memories at all of visiting Greece at age 6,
but apparently I hung on every word of our elderly British tour guide. I’ve
been fascinated by foreign cultures and ancient history ever since.
Tell us about your home.
I live in a small town in central New Mexico with my husband and our ferrets. I
am a full-time writer, and my home office looks out on nature, complete with
distracting wildlife such as roadrunners and foxes. I use my BFA in photography
to show Facebook friends how lovely the Southwest is. The only ways to get
around are on foot or by car, but it’s such a small town that I can often walk
to friends’ houses and rush-hour is less than five minutes.

Does your real life show up in your writing? In what ways?

My historical novels for children don’t use a lot of real life
experience, since they are set in different cultures, hundreds or thousands of
years ago. Of course, I assume that people haven’t changed that much – the
seven deadly sins are pretty relevant today – so I draw on my understanding of
people and my general experiences with emotions. For example, in The Well of Sacrifice, the main
character idolizes her older brother and is envious of her prettier sister.
She’s at an age where she thinks the adults should take care of things but is
realizing that they don’t always do what’s right. I think those aspects
resonate with kids today, even if you’re talking about a pre-Columbian Mayan
setting with a very different culture and lifestyle.
Real life experiences often give me ideas for my adult novels, written as Kris Bock.
What We Found is a mystery inspired by finding a dead body while hiking. Someone in law enforcement
said that people often don’t report crimes they stumbled across. That got me
thinking – Why? What reasons would you have for not calling the police? The
book also includes falconry, based on experiences I’ve had hanging out with a
Whispers in
the Dark
follows a young archaeologist who stumbles into danger as mysteries
unfold among ancient Southwest ruins. That was inspired by a trip to Hovenweep
National Monument some years ago. I loved that setting and had to use it in a
had an idea for a series about treasure hunting adventures in the Southwest, so
I read up on some lost treasures. In The Mad Monk’s Treasure, two
friends search for the Victorio Peak treasure – a heretic Spanish priest’s gold
mine, made richer by the spoils of bandits and an Apache raider. Their
experiences in the desert are based on my experiences hiking in New Mexico,
though they get more danger and drama.

Who is your ideal reader?

romantic adventures should appeal to fans of “lighter” romantic suspense, along
the lines of Mary Stewart, Barbara Michaels, and Nora Roberts. In fact, Roberta
at Sensuous Reviews blog said, “Counterfeits is the kind of romantic suspense
novel I have enjoyed since I first read Mary Stewart’s Moonspinners, and Kris
Bock used all the things I love about this genre.”
You’ll find plenty of action and a sweet love story, but not the gritty
violence and explicit erotica of some modern romantic suspense. I also tried to
bring the New Mexico scenery to life – gorgeous sunsets, dangerous monsoon
storms, and everywhere you turn a plant or animal that wants to scratch, bite,
or sting you. Armchair adventure travelers are welcome!

What writing
projects are you currently working on?

about to submit a mystery about a former war correspondent who returns to her
childhood home after an injury and uncovers a mystery at the Alzheimer’s care
unit where her mother resides. It’s intended to be the first in a series with
the same main character.
Kris Bock writes
novels of suspense and romance with outdoor adventures and Southwestern
landscapes. The Mad Monk’s Treasure
follows the hunt for a long-lost treasure in the New Mexico desert. In The Dead Man’s Treasure, estranged
relatives compete to reach a buried treasure by following a series of complex
clues. In The Skeleton Canyon Treasure,
sparks fly when reader favorites Camie and Tiger help a mysterious man track
down his missing uncle. Whispers in the
features archaeology and intrigue among ancient Southwest ruins. What We Found is a mystery with strong
romantic elements about a young woman who finds a murder victim in the woods.
In Counterfeits, stolen Rembrandt
paintings bring danger to a small New Mexico town.
of Mary Stewart, Barbara Michaels, and Terry Odell will want to check out Kris
Bock’s romantic adventures. “Counterfeits
is the kind of romantic suspense novel I have enjoyed since I first read Mary
Stewart’s Moonspinners.” 5 Stars –
Roberta at Sensuous Reviews blog
excerpts at or visit her
Amazon page. Sign up for the Kris Bock newsletter for
announcements of new books, sales, and more.


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