Other Dream Series Images

Other Dream Series Images

I’ve been working with other illustrators to draw scenes from the books.  Here are a few:


scene one

Sara dreaming on her flight home from college (from chapter 9 of DREAM STUDENT)

Illustration by Reema Seghal











scene 7

Sara and Lizzie at the zoo (from chapter 6 of DREAM CHILD)

Illustration by Reema Seghal.











_i_wonder_if_i_ll_see_her_again___by_meglikescookies-d8woycm“I wonder if I’ll see her again…”

(this is from DREAM STUDENT, when Sara’s getting ready to go out with Brian for New Year’s Eve).

Illuustration by MegLikesCookies at DeviantArt.com 










1A cartoon featuring the main characters of DREAM STUDENT.

Illustration by Lina Kravchenko at DeviantArt.com










scene_one_by_meglikescookies-d8xqtvp“Apparently she’s all alone on the plane…”

(this is from a scene in DREAM STUDENT when Sara herself is dreaming.)

This illustration is by MegLikesCookies at DeviantArt.com 










College studentThis is a different perspective on Sara from DREAM STUDENT, by Aznswordmaster1 at DeviantArt.com












scene_nine_by_meglikescookies-d8xvz5nHere’s a scene from DREAM VACATION – while in Paris, a street artist creates a portrait of Ben and Steffy.  It’s another one from MegLikesCookies at DeviantArt.com











_as_he_pulls_me_close_i_find_it__too___by_meglikescookies-d90nnooHere’s another scene from DREAM STUDENT, by artist MegLikesCookies at DeviantArt.  This is Sara and Brian kissing outside the nightclub, right after their first meeting in the waking world.











Three Faces of SaraThis shows Sara at three different points in the books (in college during DREAM STUDENT; in med school during DREAM DOCTOR; and ready for a night out with her husband in DREAM CHILD)

Illustration by Lina Kravchenko at DeviantArt.com




scene_three_by_meglikescookies-d90r9ipHere’s a scene from DREAM CHILD by artist MegLikesCookies at DeviantArt.  This is one of Sara’s own dreams, a nightmare brought on by a seemingly-innocent conversation with her daughter…










sara___fullsize_by_claparo_sans-d93zbchThis is another artist’s vision of Sara in DREAM STUDENT.  It’s by Phong Anh, and you can find her at DeviantArt.











Dream Wedding Invitation

Here’s Lizzie in her wedding dress, surrounded by her parents and her sisters, from DREAM WEDDING.  This fantastic image is by Lina Kravchenko at DeviantArt.com







Sara and BethHere’s a fun cartoon of Sara and Beth from chapter one of Dream Student (when they’re just getting dressed to go out to the nightclub where Sara will meet Brian for the first time).  it’s by Vallustration, who you can find on Fiverr.com










Sara portrait

Here’s a portrait of Sara, by artist Ripurei, who can be found on DeviantArt.com











Beth portraitAnd a portrait of Beth, from the same artist.












Sara - chibiHere’s another image of Sara, from artist Rum at DeviantArt.com












Sara in Dream ChildHere’s another take on Sara’s nightmare from Dream Child, by artist Sukhraj on DeviantArt.com






Janet PortraitHere’s a portrait of Janet Black (from Dream Doctor), by artist Ripurei, who can be found on DeviantArt.com











Sara Dreams of Dragons (from Waking Dream)This is from WAKING DREAM (one of Sara’s dreams, as you might guess), from artist MegLikesCookies at DeviantArt.com











Betty & Howard(different color)Here’s a great illustration of Sara’s parents, Betty & Howard, from BETTY & HOWARD’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE.This image is by Lina Kravchenko at DeviantArt.com

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  1. Love the pictures! It’s funny how when you read a book, you get a picture in your head of what the characters look like. It’s interesting to see how the author (you) picture them, compared to the reader (me). Not too much difference but there is some. I’ve read the first 2 books in the series, and really care about the people you’ve created. A sign of a good writer! Thanks for sharing your vision!

    1. Thanks, Dianna!

      I used pictures from actors and actresses I imagined starring in a movie version of the books and gave those to the illustrators.

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