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I enjoy photography, and I have a decent eye, alhoguh I’ve had no training.  Here are a few of the best photos I’ve taken: This was taken in March of 2008.  It’s just a random photo of a bird, but I think it came out really good.             This was …

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Original Book Covers

The covers you see now on the Dream Series books are not the original covers.  The original covers were habndpainted by local DC-area artist Ami Low, who worked from my original sketches (if you can call them that) and directions.  They’re beautiful, and I was very sorry to have to make the change.  Here are …

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Other Dream Series Images

I’ve been working with other illustrators to draw scenes from the books.  Here are a few:   Sara dreaming on her flight home from college (from chapter 9 of DREAM STUDENT) Illustration by Reema Seghal                     Sara and Lizzie at the zoo (from chapter 6 of …

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  1. Lynn Marlow

    I really enjoyed the first book of the Dream series. I will be getting the rest of them later in the semester. Not much time right now to read. But these are really great books, at lease the first one was. Thanks for writing them

    1. James DiBenedetto

      Thank you so much! I’m thrilled to hear that!

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